Personalized template

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350,00 € excl. taxes


Because your project is unique, you probably need a personalized template of newsletter to reflect your own visual identity and fit exactly all your needs.

You have a precise idea or just a global vision of the perfect newsletter but you don't know how to get it? The Acyba team is here for you !

Our customisation service

A short process in 3 steps


  • You give us all details about your project.
    What kind of structure you need (1 or 2 columns, different areas, regular or responsive...)
    What kind of content you want (text, images, artciles, modules, external links...)
    What kind of design you wish (all graphical elements are welcomed, your website address can also be a good starting point...)
  • We come back to you in 3 days with 2 samples based on your needs.
  • After validation, we start the realization phase (code and tests) for a delivery in 3 more days.

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