• Email automation tool for successful marketing campaigns.

    Email automation tool for successful marketing campaigns.

    Maintain real communication with your contacts via e-mail marketing, newsletters, follow-up autoresponders... Engage your contacts and grow your audience by sending them the right content at the right time. Email marketing automation has never been so easy!


AcyMailing : Joomla! & WordPress newsletter plugin



More than 1 Million websites use our extensions and trust us for their communication.


Documentation, videos and forum are there to guide you step by step.


Built for flexibility. We use the Joomla! MVC system to let you customize each view.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to install and configure with a user-friendly interface, our extensions are ready to be used!

Email marketing automation made easy

AcyMailing is the plugin you need to improve your relationship with customers. Abandoned carts, welcome email, birthday newsletter. Everything you need to make your clients happy!

  • History

    AcyMailing has been the most popular e-mailing extension on Joomla! for 5 years
  • Experience

    10-years experience in Joomla/Wordpress development. We know our stuff !

Pay for what you get

Our tools doesn't contain hidden fees. Take the most of all our tools, send as many emails as you wish, the price will be the same. For all.

We are here to help

More than 1 Million websites use our extensions and trust us for their communication.

24/7 Support

A question ? A feature request ? Our support team is present at anytime so feel free to do it!

Quick response time

The average response time is less than a day. So be sure to have a quick reply to every request you have!

Transform your content, activate your business

Acymailing is available on WordPress and Joomla! Want to give a try ? Let's do it! You won't even have to choose a platform AcyMailing is open-minded! 

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Happy clients

  • client01

    This extension is an amazingly complete package for sending newsletters. I don't think there are any other extensions to compare with it.

    by JulianW, on the JED 2018 February

  • client02

    Acyba Support services are AMAZING! They are so responsive, so helpful, so generous. The Acyba team goes above and beyond the call of duty!

    by John, on the JED 2018 March

  • client03

    This is a realy great and user friendly extension. I went for the paid version just to support Acyba. They come up with new functionallities every month. I didn't even need the support as the component was so easy to use.

    by Juan, on the JED 2017 December