This screen enables you to see and remove any e-mail which will be sent by AcyMailing. You will also see the future sendings (scheduled campaigns for example).

You can globally cancel an email or only for a specific user, force AcyMailing to send all the pending emails or all the pending emails of a specific campaign.



Listing per campaign

Queue Columns


On this listing you'll see the campaigns currently in the queue, and the scheduled ones. You can filter them by tag or status.

Clicking the pause button on the right will keep the currently queued emails and AcyMailing won't send them using the cron or the direct sending button. Clicking the delete button on the right will however remove the queued emails and cancel the send process for the campaign. As a campaign cannot be sent twice, you will have to copy it if you want to send it to the users that didn't receive it.


Listing per user

Queue Columns


On this tab, you can still filter the results by campaign tag. The two actions available here are to send the emails ready to be sent, and to individually remove an email from the queue.