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Here comes the GDPR and all the changes you need to do in order to be compliant.

That's a brutal process and most of the companies are not ready yet, that's why we provide you with a short article to give you a helping hand.

As regards our services, you probably know that we don't save any information about your own customers on our side. 

All the information is stored on your website and in your database.

So that's your role to collect user's consents to get their information stored in your database via our component.

 To be compliant with this new reglementation, you should:


  • Turn ON the double opt-in option via the AcyMailing configuration page.
    That's the best way to protect yourself and prove that the user agreed to receive messages from you.
    AcyMailing saves this information on the user profile (subscription date and IP, confirmation date and IP) so if someone asks you this information, you can easily export it.
  • Do not automatically subscribe users to your lists.
    If you integrated AcyMailing with your registration form or your contact form, then display a checkbox so they can really opt-in and keep that checkbox unchecked by default!
    A Yes/No radio button with the default option set to "No" will do the job as well.
    A subscription form which is only there to subscribe to your Newsletter doesn't need an additional checkbox, as long as you don't trick the user and he can't misunderstand that he will be subscribed to your mailing list then you're all good.
  • Always include an unsubscribe link in your emails so your users can easily opt-out.
  • Disable the (auto)Subscribe during Joomla registration plugin
    Your customers didn't ask to be imported automatically in AcyMailing when they fill a Joomla form so don't do it except if you informed them about it.
  • Define the tracking option based on what you added into your Privacy Policy

    In the latest AcyMailing 5.10 version we've added a new option to choose between anonymous and personal tracking (opens, clicks, geolocation, history…).

    So if you informed your users about the tracking feature and if you enable it then statistics will be stored with details (Alexandre has read your email and clicked on this link).

    If you don't want to track your user activities and if you disable the option then AcyMailing won't store the details (50 users have opened the email and 30 users have clicked on this link).

    You'll have global statistics instead of detailed ones ?

  • Use as as few custom fields as possible
    Don't forget that there are two conditions to store data from your users : 
    - This data is essential to your business
    - The user gave his consent to share it

    If you ask for custom information which don't match with one of these conditions then you are taking some risks.


What about your existing users?

Well, you need to make sure they agree to receive your emails before May 25th.

If you already had the double opt-in option enabled and your users explicitly subscribed to your newsletter then no need to confirm them again.

If you don't, then you should start now to ask a confirmation to your existing users.


 If you have time...

May 25th is far? You have some time and could separate your list of subscribers into three groups : Yes / No / No reply

  1. Turn ON the double opt-in option on the AcyMailing configuration page (so at least all new users will need to confirm their subscription) and make sure these new users are subscribed to a new list as you will have to manage your old users differently
  2. Access the mass actions system and mass confirm your old users
  3. Create two new lists, let's call them "Yes" and "No"
  4. Send a Newsletter to your old users and include two links in your Newsletter... one to enable them to subscribe to your "Yes" list and the other to let them subscribe to your "No" list.
    You should use the subscription via url for that. You can create a special redirect url to thank the user or to say goodbye...
    Each user receiving your Newsletter will then be able to decide if they still want to be subscribed to your list ("Yes" list) or if they prefer to not receive emails from you any more ("No" list).
    We recommend you to include this message in your regular Newsletter... and just before May 25th, send a special message only to those who are not subscribed to your "Yes" or "No" list so they can decide to stay in your list or not.
    You will certainly have many users who didn't reply at all... they won't be in your "Yes" or "No" list.
    You can send them a last alarmist message asking them an answer but unfortunately if they still don't answer, you won't be allowed to send them emails any more.

In a hurry? Just send your confirmation email again

May 25th is almost there? Well just resend your confirmation email...

  • Turn ON the "require confirmation" option on the AcyMailing configuration page
  • Use our mass actions/filters system to mass unconfirm your users (that's optional, that's only if you want to re-confirm them all!)
  • Use our mass actions/filters system to send your confirmation email again

What are the new features belonging to the GDPR ?

In the AcyMailing 5.10 version we've added some super nice features which might help you to be GDPR compliant. 

  • You can now find all the personal data options grouped in a new tab on the configuration page
  • You can now add a "Download user data" button on the user edition page. A new option in the configuration can be activated if you want your users to be able to download their data themselves. It will download a zip file containing the personal information (name, email...) and collected statistics (email opened, links clicked, geolocation, history...) in an xml file, and the possible files the user imported (if you created an upload file custom field).
  • The automatic import of the Joomla user's data into AcyMailing has been disabled by default (on new installations only)
  • The "Name" field is now optional by default
  •  A new "Delete" button has been added to the AcyMailing user profile menu to let the users delete the collected data. It will delete their AcyMailing user and the related detailed statistics
  • The "Double opt-in" option is active by default (new installations only)
  • The subscription modifications are now added to the user history
  • A new option has been added to make sure that AcyMailing only collects anonymous data (it won't collect the IP addresses, the detailed opens and clicks, the geolocation...). When activating this option, you will be able to automatically delete already collected personal data / statistics


PS : thanks to betterweb.fr for the first version of the article (in French)