This screen enables you to create or edit a Mailing List.

You will also be able to attach a welcome message or an unsubscribe confirmation to the list that will be automatically sent.


List settings

List Form Infos


  • List Name : Name of your list. This name will be displayed to the subscribers
  • Active : AcyMailing will never send Newsletters to a list which is not enabled. A user cannot subscribe nor see a list which is not enabled.
  • Colour : Each list has its own colour so that you can easily and quickly identify it on the backend. This colour is not displayed on the front-end but helps you manage your lists efficiently.
  • Tags : You can add tags to the lists you create, to be able to filter them afterwards on the listings where they are displayed.



List Form Infos


On the second step you'll find a list of all the users subscribed to this list, and you will be able to add some users from there. You can also unsubscribe the users manually by clicking the icon on the right


Welcome / Unsubscribe emails 

Unsub Screen


If you created some templates of type "welcome" or "Unsubscribe", you will see them on those two steps.

If you specify a welcome email, the users will receive it uppon subscribing to the list. If you manually subscribe a user to the list from the admin part of your site, the user will not receive this welcome message.

The unsubscribe email works the exact same way: when the user unsubscribes from the list, he receives this email.