Open rate

How does it work?

When AcyMailing sends an HTML e-mail to your user, it will include in this e-mail a small picture.

The first time this picture is loaded by the receiver, AcyMailing will increment the number of unique open for that Newsletter and the number of times this user opened it.

If this same picture is loaded again, AcyMailing will only increment the number of times this user opened it so the open rate indicates the percentage of users who opened your Newsletter at least one time.


Is that 100% accurate?

Some mail clients won't display pictures by default so the receiver will have to click on the link "Always display pictures from..." to display pictures and get recorded as somebody who opened your Newsletter.

So no, the open rate is not 100% accurate and you should only use it to compare results between your Newsletters.

Percentage of opened emails:
Great > 30%
Good – 15-30%
Poor < 15%


What does it mean if a user opens it more than one time?

Technically, it means the statistics picture has been loaded more than one time.

So it could be because the user forwarded to another user or simply because he read it several times.

Some mail software have a "preview" system where the message is loaded when the user access his mailbox, that could cause the stat picture to be loaded a lot of times.


I get 100% open rate a little after sending my newsletter, am I very lucky today or..?

100% open rate would be perfect, but I'm sorry that shouldn't be the case.

Since April 2015, a new anti-spam tool (at least on SiteGround) checks every images link to see if it's really an image. Unfortunately, the open statistics in the newsletters are calculated using a link in an image and this tool "Clicks" on this statistic link...

Simply update AcyMailing to its latest version, we already found a workaround!


Statistics listing


This screen enables you to see the statistics of any e-mail sent by AcyMailing.

When you arrive on this screen the statistics who are displayed are the global statistics for all the campaigns.

If you want to view the statistics of just one campaign you need to change the campaign in the dropdown on the top left corner of the page.


They are 3 types of chart :

  • Successfully sent : the percentage of all the mails which are correctly sent.
  • Open rate : The percentage of the mails which has been opened.
  • Click rate : The percentage of the mail which the user has click in a link.


This graph show you in the time line all the number of times that your campaign was opened and clicked.

On the top right corner you can choose on which time line you want to see statistics. If you click on the inputs a datepicker should open and then pick a date.

On the top right corner of the graph you can choose to watch data by month, day, or hour. And at the opposite you can hide one of the data (click, open) if you want.

You can hover the dot to get more information :

Detailed Statistics


The detailed statistics are all the statistics user per user. It's a listing with all the campaigns send to every users where you can find which one opened an email or the number of time he clicked on a link etc.


  • Send date : The date that the campaign has been sent.
  • Name : The name of the campaign.
  • User : The email of the user, if you click on it you can edit the user.
  • Opened : The number of time the user opened the email.
  • Open date : The date the user opened the mail.
  • Sent : If the mail was sent there is a green check and if not there is a red icon.


Frequently Asked Questions

My statistics are not working, what can I do?

AcyMailing inserts a small picture in your Newsletters to track the open rate.
This picture should be accessible for everybody and you should make sure to click on the button "display pictures from that website" when you received your Newsletter.
  • Your website should be online and publicly accessible...
    If you have a restricted access to your website or if your website is a local one, it won't work.
    Make sure the option "Site Offline" is disabled on your site's configuration page.
  • Do you have sh404SEF installed?
    If so then we recommend you to edit the sh404SEF configuration and configure it to skip AcyMailing.
    Then access the sh404SEF urls and delete all urls related to AcyMailing.
  • You should check the structure of the AcyMailing tables. For this, access the AcyMailing configuration page and click on the button "Check database integrity" within the "security" tab.
  • Did you customize your .htaccess file? If so, try this url (please enter your own website url!) :


    It should display a picture (you won't see much on that screen, it's a 1px by 1px picture) but if there is a redirection to another page then the stats won't work and that's probably because you set up some rules in your .htaccess file to redirect to another page.