AcyMailing configuration



This screen enables you to configure AcyMailing.

During the install process, AcyMailing will be automatically configured using your Joomla Configuration but you can modify it at any time.

You will also find a tool to easily publish/unpublish the AcyMailing plugins and add/modify the AcyMailing languages files.




Configuration Toolbar

  • Send a test : Save the configuration page and send a test e-mail to the currently logged in user (you!) using your configuration.
    This button enables you to make sure you can send e-mails using AcyMailing.
  • Save : Save the configuration page and return to the AcyMailing Dashboard.


Mail Configuration

Sender Information


Mail Sender

  • From Name : Default "From Name" used in all your Newsletters.
    You can modify this property for each Newsletter you write.
  • From Address : Default E-mail address used as "from" in all your Newsletters.
    You can modify this property for each Newsletter you write.
  • Reply-to Name : Default "Reply To Name" used in all your Newsletters.
    You can modify this property for each Newsletter you write.
  • Reply-to Address : Default E-mail address used as "reply-to" in all your Newsletters.
    So, if your receivers click on "reply-to" when they read your e-mail, their response will be sent to this e-mail address.
    You can modify this property for each Newsletter you write.
    You can add several reply-to address by separating them with a coma and no spaces: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Some servers restrict the use of the "bounce address" parameter to a local e-mail account.
So if my website is, I will only be able to send e-mails if my bounce address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please make sure you can still send a test Newsletter after editing this parameter... If you are unsure, just leave this field empty.
  • Add Names : If this option is turned ON, the sender and receiver name will appear in the sender/receiver information.
    If this option is turned OFF, only the e-mail address will be visible.
    For example: Acy will send the message to "Name <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>" with the option turned ON whereas it will be sent to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." with this option turned OFF.
    This option won't alter your Newsletter body/subject.

Mail Configuration

Mail Configuration

  • Mailer Method : Mailer method used to send your e-mails.
    We recommend the PHP Mail Function but in some cases you might want to use an external SMTP Server (you can even use your own GMail account!).
    SMTP will be a little bit slower but you might decrease your spam score by using it.
  • Encoding Format : Encoding format used for all your Newsletters. We recommend 8-Bit to reduce the spam score.
  • Charset : Charset used for all your Newsletters. We recommend UTF-8 if you send english or international e-mails.
    We recommend to use the charset used in your country if your business is local.
  • Word Wrapping : Some servers do not allow you to send e-mails with more than xx characters per line. This parameter enables you to set this limitation.
  • Use https urls : AcyMailing will automatically convert your relative urls into absolute ones. You can configure Acy to use httpS urls or standard http ones.
    If you turn ON this option, you should make sure your website has an SSL certificate and is able to display httpS links!
  • Embed Images : Should AcyMailing embed your pictures inside the Newsletter? If so, the send process will take more time but the recipient won't have to download the picture form your website in order to display it. By default, this option is set to NO so the pictures included in your Newsletter will stay on your own website.
  • Embed Attachments : Should AcyMailing embed your attachments inside the Newsletter? If not, AcyMailing will add a list of attachments with a link to your website in order to download it.
    If you disable this option, the send process will be much faster as AcyMailing won't send the attachment but a simple link.
  • Send Multiple Part : Should AcyMailing send multiple part e-mails? If so, AcyMailing will send the text and the html version in the e-mail so that depending on the recipient server, the appropriate version will be opened.
  • DKIM : AcyMailing is able to sign your messages based on the DKIM protocol.


SMTP Configuration

SMTP Configuration

  • Server : Address of the SMTP Server. Example :
  • Port : Port used to connect to your SMTP Server.
    Leave this field empty if you don't know which port you should use. (GMail does use the port 465 because it's an SSL method)
  • Secure Method : Should AcyMailing use an SMTP Secure Connection? For GMail, you should select SSL.
    This option should only be used if your SMTP server uses a secured sending method.
  • Keep Alive : Should AcyMailing keep your SMTP Connection opened during the send Process?
    We recommend to turn ON this option. This option should be turned OFF only if you have problems.
    If you turn it OFF, AcyMailing will connect to your SMTP server, then send one e-mail and then close the connection. It will need reopen the connection with your SMTP server to send another e-mail so it may consume a lot of time whereas if you turn this option ON, AcyMailing will open the connection with the SMTP server once, send the whole batch of e-mails and then close the connection.
  • Authentication : If you enter a Username and a Password to connect to your SMTP Server, please turn ON this option.
  • Username : Username used to connect to your SMTP Server.
  • Password : Password used to connect to your SMTP Server.

Test your SMTP Ports

Test your SMTP ports

Since some hosting companies block SMTP connexions to external servers, we added a quick test so you can easily see the ports opened on your server and the blocked ones...

Just click on the "What port can I use from my website?" link to trigger that test and Acy will display a list of ports blocked or opened.

A blocked port may be blocked by your own server or by a firewall within your host.

If none of your ports are opened and your host does not want to open any, then you can still use our REST API integration with ElasticEmail.


Queue Process

Queue process

Queue process

  • Please read this article if you want to know how to configure AcyMailing to stay below your server limitations.
  • Queue Processing : If you use the "automatic only" sending method, AcyMailing will always use the automatic process and won't even start the manual send process if you send an e-mail from the backend.
    This option is only available from AcyMailing Essential. If you use our Free version, you won't see this option and the send process can only be triggered manually and run on your own session.
    Please note that the send frequency should match with your cron frequency. This parameter is only there for security so your website can't be triggered too often.
  • Automatic send process : Using the automatic send process, AcyMailing will automatically send X e-mails every Y minutes without you having to do anything.
    The send process will run on the background and not on your own session so you can turn off your computer and let Acy do the job.
  • Manual send process : Using the manual send process, AcyMailing will send a batch of e-mails, then wait X seconds and send another batch then wait X seconds and ...
    You can configure the time AcyMailing will wait between two batches.
    If you select the "Manual Only" option, automatic actions such as sending scheduled Newsletters or follow-up messages won't work.
  • Automatic / Manual send process : If this option is selected, AcyMailing will send the Newsletter using the manual send process unless you schedule it.
    Follow-up messages will be sent automatically.
  • Maximum Number of Tries : If AcyMailing cannot send the e-mail after X tries, AcyMailing will delete the e-mail from the queue.
    Most of the time, that means the e-mail address is not valid so AcyMailing can also execute an action on the subscriber to not send him e-mails any more.
    This option is different from the bounce handling as it will be only applied if your server refuses to deliver the e-mail, not if the e-mail is delivered but then bounces because the receiver does not exist.
    Most of the time, the mail server will accept to deliver the email anyway (and so that option is useless) and will then generate a bounce email that Acy can handle with its bounce handling system.
  • Maximum execution time : Your server may not allow AcyMailing to run for a long time... We display here the default value from your php.ini file and also the one we calculated... Some servers enable us to extend the maximum execution time, others don't... Acy will use this value to end the send process properly before your server stops it badly.
  • Order the send process by : In addition to the sending date, you can order the send process by subscriber ID asc (1,2,3...), desc (8546,8545,8544...) or randomly (4,684,12...)


Cron Available in all our paid versions

The automatic send process, the Newsletter generation, the Newsletter scheduling and the Follow-ups require a cron task.
You can either create a cron task on your own server or use our free service on to create one.
If you don't know how to set up a cron task on your own server or if you cannot make it work on your own server, don't bother with that and simply use our own free service.

Cron config

  • Next Run Time : Next time the Cron task is allowed to run.
    It does not mean that the cron task will run AcyMailing at this exact time. But it means AcyMailing will accept a cron url if it triggers AcyMailing after this time.
  • Cron URL : Cron URL to trigger AcyMailing. You should use this URL to create your cron task.
    You can make sure it's a working url by clicking on the link.
  • Send a report :When does AcyMailing should send a report?
  • Send the report to : You can enter one or several e-mail addresses so that AcyMailing will send the report to those users (separate each e-mail address with a comma).
  • Save the report : Which report should AcyMailing save in the log file? For example, the simple report will tell you "256 emails sent" and the detailed report will tell you "Email XXX successfully sent to XXX, Email XXX successfully sent to YYY, etc..."
  • Save the report to : Location of the log file.
  • Last Run Time : Last time AcyMailing executed actions via the cron url.
  • Triggered from the IP : AcyMailing has been triggered by the following IP.
  • Report : Latest report generated by AcyMailing.




Configuration Subscription

  • Allow non logged in users : Do you allow simple visitors to subscribe to your Mailing Lists? If not, only logged in users will be able to subscribe.
  • Require Confirmation : Should the user click on a confirmation link before being considered as a subscriber?
    If you require a confirmation, you can edit the confirmation e-mail using the button "Edit Confirmation Email".
    US and Canadian users: You have to turn ON this option to be CAN-SPAM compliant.You can use a confirmation email per subscription form. For this, create a newsletter with the alias "confirmation-module-256" if you want to use it for the module with the ID "256". You can also use "confirmation-menu-438" for the "subscribe/modify your subscription" menu with the ID 438.
  • Auto-subscribe on Joomla registration : Using the "select" button, you can select the lists you want the user to be automatically subscribed to during the Joomla registration process (or any other component using the standard Joomla User registration system).
    This option works with the AcyMailing : auto-subscribe plugin so this plugin has to be enabled if you want it to work.
  • Allow user data modifications without identification : When your users are not identified by the system, do you allow them to modify their subscription?
    If you select "No", then an identification message will be sent to the user with a link to enable him to modify his subscription.
    If you select "Only his subscription" then his subscription will be updated but not his personal data (name, receive html...).
    If you select "Yes", the subscription and the data will be updated without extra identification.
  • Auto-generate User's name : When a user subscribes without entering his name (if you removed the name field from the subscription form for example), AcyMailing will automatically generate a name based on his e-mail address if this option is enabled.

Data collection


  • Allow users to export: Users will be able to export their data from the profile page / widget on the front-end of your site


  • Track clicks with: You can track the clicks in your emails with AcyMailing, and/or Google analytics
  • Track links for external websites: Allow or not AcyMailing to collect data on clicks for links not leading to your own website. for example





Advanced email verification

verif email

  • Check if the domain exists : If you enable this option, AcyMailing will perform a test on the domain name to make sure the domain exists before allowing the user to subscribe.
    For example, if a user submits the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then Acy will check if the domain exists and if not, it will not allow the user to subscribe and will ask for a valid e-mail address.
    This option is turned OFF by default as some hosting companies won't enable you to do this verification but we recommend you to turn it ON and then check again the subscription form to make sure everything is still working fine.



  • Allowed Files : List of allowed file extensions for the attachments.
  • Upload Folder : Folder in which the attachments will be uploaded to.
    Please make sure this folder is writeable otherwise AcyMailing won't be able to upload your files in it.

We won't let you compromise your website... Some files will still be blocked even if you allow the extension on your configuration.

Database maintenance Available in all our paid versions

AcyMailing can handle millions of users but you may store an important amount of data for statistics purpose.
AcyMailing enables you to clean up your detailed statistics table automatically.
This process is triggered every Sunday via the cron task (the same as for other processes).

Database Maintenance

  • Check database integrity : If you click on this button, AcyMailing will perform a few tests to make sure your database structure is up to date.
    We may add additional tests in the future.
    You can safely click on it at any time to check your database structure.



This listing displays the list of languages of your website (Front-End). For each language, you can edit the AcyMailing language file.

Most of languages files are included in the package so during the AcyMailing installation process, the language files are automatically installed so you don't have to do anything on your end.
Nevertheless some of the languages are not included in the package (we could not include them all, it takes too much space).
In that case you should click on the create button and the latest version of this language will be directly loaded from our website.
Then you simply have to save the language to have it on your website.


For any reason, if your language file could not be automatically installed, you can manually download it.

Please don't forget to share your translated language files so that we can include them in our next release.



Bounce handling

You will find a complete documentation on bounce handling configuration here.


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