AcyMailing 6 is out! Should I update it?

Here we are guys!
AcyMailing 6 (Stable version) is finally available and we're sure that you're going to love it.

Here are some information you must read!


We plan to release a new version every three weeks so they're all coming really soon.
Feel free to check the roadmap here for more information ;-)

I'm ready to use AcyMailing 6! What are the steps I should follow?

Here, the situation will be different based on your AcyMailing experience so choose the option belonging to your situation :

I'm already an AcyMailing user

If you have tested the beta or alpha version, you might have seen that some AcyMailing 5 features are not yet implemented in AcyMailing 6.
The reason is we had to refactor the whole component from scratch.
We did some huge security, stability and process management improvements. So that's why it takes some time to refactor every feature to include it in AcyMailing 6.
All the features you need are not implemented yet? Well that's not a problem, AcyMailing 5 is still working and available. Keep using it until we release the version containing all you favorite features ;-)

Migration process

You probably had some interesting content stored in your AcyMailing 5 instance and you would like to import it into AcyMailing 6?
No worry, we have something for you :)

AcyMailing 6 contains a migration script which allows to transfer the most important information.
By using the script you will be able to import :

  • - Users
  • - Lists
  • - User's Subscriptions
  • - Emails
  • - Templates
  • - Global Statistics
  • - Configuration

Right now (6.0.0 version), the script doesn't allow to import :

  • - Custom fields
  • - Detailed statistics

=> You'll be able to import these data in one of the next version
However as we have completely refactored the code you won't be able to import :

  • - Smart Newsletters
  • - Campaigns
  • - Mass actions

So you will have to re-create these kind of processes via the new "Automation Workflows" feature (available starting Acymailing version 6.0.1).

Last information

AcyMailing 6 is a kind of new AcyMailing component so you can start by using both versions at the same time.
Then once you feel comfortable with the new version, you'll only need to uninstall AcyMailing 5 and you'll be done! :)

I'm a new user

No need to do anything specific here. We're glad to hear that you're going to try AcyMailing.
We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it!
If you have any ideas/feedbacks then feel free to share them!