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TOPIC: Searched for: cron > Looking for Timezone

Searched for: cron > Looking for Timezone 4 years 1 month ago #81508

  • Anonymous user
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Again!! Thanks for AcySMS, one of the best this since Sliced Bread and Tap Water!!

BUT!! We all know how annoying text messaging is and has become also.

I am using Automatic > Send based on > Subscription date and works like a champ ;)

One problem I have run across, is "replies that complain" :angry:

*** Why did you send me a text at 5 in the morning. !! [That's if I start at 8am EST my time, as California is 3 difference PST]

a) I am based in EST and I get up about 4am and pretty much really need to "get working" and entering new SMS numbers individually, one at a time.

b) I know we have the CRON, but for at least how I am using AcySMS (As a sales call tool) I was wondering during the primary required user entry, [in which of course...the Country code default is great] would it not be a wise addition to have a selectable "user_time_zone"?

What I at least envision, is that there are 24 of of But? A way to check box the ones I really use, in which [ now, think CRON again] After my "Submit" Button, it would/could be triggered for a later time?


I enter user @ 5am, user is actually in 2am now, and maybe just starting to go to sleep. So? For my "defaults/checkboxes/entry of UserTimeZone,

= SendSMS After -or between- >these hours only.

Thoughts please?

Thanks !! Jim
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Searched for: cron > Looking for Timezone 4 years 1 month ago #81510

  • Alexandre
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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the kind words. Always a pleasure to start a week with this kind of message ! B)

I understand your issue and the only one solution I found at the moment is to use the custom fields.

Here is the process I thought about :

- Create a custom field based on the Timezone
- Once the Timezone defined create a new automatic message for each Timezone
- Filters the receivers of these messages by Timezone and set these messages to be sent at different hours based on the Timezone selected with the filters.

With this solution you will be able to define easily when you want the messages to be sent.

Let me know what do you think about it ;)
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Searched for: cron > Looking for Timezone 4 years 3 weeks ago #82076

  • Anonymous user
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Hello Alexandre, and thanks for reply..I did read it when first posted...but did not really have time to reply.

In theory? You are correct, but then "all the eggs" from "type of chicken" are not in the same basket any lnonger.

As things are now? I have the one "message" and when entering, it does Default sitting to "type of subscription"

Seller [has the physical item(s)] (automated and sends immediately now)
Transporters [service provider] Manual subscription by me at present, someday will maybe have an import list
Client [aka buyer from the seller] > Always to be a manual experience, as Seller dictates who is actual buyer etc.

Sellers are MAIN entry, and really the only ones to get "automatic canned SMS message mailing"

If i am correct? with your 4 message types, I would then need to actual "never" have a main default, have to take cursor off "speed of data entry" ??

1) Sellers
a) EST eastern Time zone
b) CST central
c) MST Mountain
d) PST Pacific

Right now as you know, I am sending "instant upon data entry" and works like a champ :)

I have read up on the cron somewhat, and as it stands...will not really work...but does work fine for as it was concepted with acyMailing and repeat-tracking-follow thru. Based on time and / or IF a reply is made.

I am doing a "follow thru" manually, should I run across the "existing user" when it says > "A user already exists with this phone number".

I know it could be automated? But? IF "they have replied to first one" [in other words, there has been 2 way conversation] THEN i do not Need or want to send the second manual "canned" message for sure, as that would look stupid.

Now, back to this and "cron" thing is, the way I am using and applying is somewhat time sensitive, meaning I need to get it to the subscriber I enter kinda ASAP, as this info sent in 1st MESSAGE, is politely asking SELLER to forward info to Buyer (unknown by me)

with that said, as it works now, when NEW ENTRY MADE > it comes back and SHOWS that entry (great for manual-visual verification) BUT? And I am SURE it has been sent, as I can goto Recievers and open conversation...

BUT, if it were cronned? would he entry still show?

Maybe it's better to think like "time zone ticked" = Throw into QUEUE and "release message" based on If Hours PST = 7am-9pm then send.

I hope this clarifies, as well as maybe can help the overall I know as it stands now with "single select" cron, and messages sent to trigger at midnite,, but there are 24 midnites... Haha Eaxh an hour apart from "serer time"
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Searched for: cron > Looking for Timezone 4 years 3 weeks ago #82098

  • Alexandre
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Hi Jim,

Ok I get it, you don't like my solution ;)

I'm thinking about another technical solution but before that I need to understand where do you plan to store the user timezone.
Will it be on the Joomla user profile? Or did you create an extra field in AcySMS to handle the timezone?
We first need to record that data before being about to use it!

Please let me know how you plan to record it, that will give me a bit of time to think about another solution! ;)
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