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TOPIC: Messages don't send

Messages don't send 3 years 8 months ago #107412

  • Anonymous user
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Hi there,

Messages do not seem to be sending.

I am using AcySMS Express 3.2.0 on Joomla 3.4.8 on a Linux system running PHP 5.6.27 using the Acyba gateway.

1) I purchased 15 Euros of credits from Acyba got an API key. And then I sent a message to support get approved to send SMS in the United States and that approval came back.

2) Then, I created a sender profile using the API key and a blank sender name and sent a test message to my own personal cell phone number listed as +156160xxxxx That worked. I got a message from +1(512) 520 0689 with the test message. I could see the deduction in my credits as well.

3) Then, I created four groups, published the subscription module, and I subscribed to the groups from the frontend module.

4) Then I tested the Answers by replying STOP to the test message. My user was blocked, which is what it was supposed to do. I resubscribed using the module, but when I looked on the backend, my user was still blocked. So I unblocked it manually using the admin interface.

5) I resubscribed again and my user looked normal not blocked. But when I tried to send a message normally through the admin interface as a send now, the credits were deducted, but I never received the message.

6) With the send now not working, I tried the scheduler. I made sure the cron job was turned on. It is set for every 15 minutes. I tried scheduling a message filtered to group 1 (called News) to go out later. I got an email saying the cron job had run and the sms was sent, and the credits deducted again, but I never received the message.

7) Thinking maybe the blank sender name was a problem, I sent an email out to support to approve the sender name SLCCLERK and that was approved, so I entered it in the sender profile.

8) Also, thinking maybe my number was permanently blocked when I replied STOP, I used an app called Hushed on my phone to create a different number and subscribed in the frontend module to all the groups using this number listed as +177220xxxxx. So now with two receivers in the database, I scheduled another message and the cron job sent an email saying the message was sent but neither number got a message.

9) I opened the database to look at the user table and I saw that +156160xxxxx had an unsubscribe date for group 1, so I changed that unsubscribe date to null. But this time, I created a message with a filter for group 2 (Closings) Again, the cron job sends an email saying the message was sent but neither number receives anything.

10) Without uninstalling the component, I reinstalled the component. Subscription module settings were reset, but the tables remained the same.

11) I tried sending a test message from the sender profile page to +156160xxxxx but still nothing goes out. I never receive a message.

12) I had previously installed this on another test site (Joomla 3.5.1, different database) but never created groups, users, etc - never configured it. It's pretty much a fresh install. I went into that test site, created a sender profile with my API Key and a blank sender name. I sent a test message to +156160xxxxx and still received nothing.

Please help. Thank you!
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Messages don't send 3 years 8 months ago #107422

  • Alexandre
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There could be some reasons for this.
First one, you've replied STOP so you shouldn't receive any SMS anymore as your network operator might have "saved" that you don't want to receive SMS.
Second one, you tried to send multiple time the same message to the same phone number (your phone number) and this might have been considered as spam by the SPAM filter which filters every SMS in the USA..
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