Missing State in Payplans-Plugin and missing Data in Event-PluginsAcyMailing

Hi everybody,

I would like to request two small features on your plugins. They are really small, but they would make a big difference in works, so I would also pay for this small updates. ;)

1. Payplans

The payplans-filter can filter three states: "Active", "Hold" and "Expired". It also has the option "All" which includes all three states.
But payplans allows another state which is called "NoState". It´s the state of a subscription that is booked, but the payment is not yet done. This subscriptions are not in "Hold", they are in "NoState".

So can you simply add the option "NoState" to the Payplans-filters in your plugin?

2. Events
It´s about all of your Events-Plugins that it is very difficult to catch the correct Event when there are many events with the same name. Your filter only shows the name of the Event and in my case I somethines have 10 Events with the same name not knowing which event is taken now.

Would it be possible to add the information about the starting-date into the dropdown? This would give a very usefull information about the filter when using it.

I would need it on two plugins:
- EasySocial
- Event Booking

It would be usefull also on two more plugins:
- JomSocial
- DT Register

It would be great if you could do those changes.
Just tell me how much it would cost.

All the best, Julian!

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