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All languages files are included in the package so during the AcySMS installation process, the language files are automatically installed so you don't have to do anything on your end. Here is the list of available languages :


Danish English French German Italian Polish Spanish



If AcySMS is not translated in your own language, you can easily add a language file in AcySMS

  • Log on the administrator section of your website.
  • Click on the menu Components -> AcySMS -> Configuration
  • Click on the tab Languages

If AcySMS is not translated in your language, you should see a small Add Icon next to your language (only installed languages are displayed on this area so you have first to make sure the Joomla language file is installed on your website).
Click on the add icon and a popup will open, enabling you to modify the language file. If the language file already exists, you will be able to modify any string used by AcySMS with this interface. If the language file does not exist, the English version will be loaded so that you can translate the strings from this English version.

The lines starting with ; should not be translated (example : ;General ) Each translation string is composed by a namekey (in upper-case) and the translated string separated by an equal sign (=). You should not modify the string before the equal sign, otherwise, you will break the language file. Example: The second line of this file : SEND_DATE="Send Date" should be changed to SEND_DATE="Date d'envoi" for the French language. Do not add any return character in your translation, otherwise, you will break the language file. Sometimes, you will see the sign %s. This symbol indicates a variable which will be replaced by a string or a number in AcySMS. Please do not modify this symbol! If there are two %s in the translation, please do not change their order in the sentence.

Once you translated your language file, you can click on the button Save. Then, if you want to share your language file with the rest of the community, please click on the button Share. Sharing a language file is very important so that we can include your language file in our next versions. Even if you translated only few strings, we would appreciate if you could share those modifications, so that you will be able to update AcySMS without losing your work.