Joomla Day San Francisco, sept. 27-29 ... a great experience !

Two weeks ago, Eliot the flying member of AcyMailing team attended the Joomla Day in San Francisco!

With some awesome people such as Mike Carson (OMS), Andy Miller (RocketTheme) and Ryan Ozimek (last OMS director) as a surprise guest, this JDay has been a great occasion to share our thoughts about our favourite CMS. With a big idea of creating a new paradigm about Joomla, this event gave us the opportunity to discover the Californian way of life while bringing suggestions and feelings about the future of this open source project. Sharing a drink with JoomlAddict in the incredible venue NextSpace has thus been a great opportunity to listen to Joomla's users expectations and make them discover how amazing AcyMailing is!

If you are in the US and missed this event, make sure to be a part of the next JoomlaDay in Houston (October 19th) or, even better, at the Joomla World Conference in Boston (November 8-10). Talking about JDay in Houston, you can still win your ticket for this event thanks to our Facebook contest!