For a user-friendly experience a total makeover has been done to allow simple navigation thanks to a modern design and optimized interface.

Intuitive dashboard

This new dashboard allows you to see in the blink of an eye all the information you need to manage your campaigns.

  • Find out the most important statistics easily, completed by some charts which will show you the user activities and the message monitoring (how many SMS have been sent, received etc.


  • Let you guide by the 4 main steps of the AcySMS configuration and use :
    1) Create your first sender profile
    2) Select your integration
    3) Write your first message
    4) Send this message





Fluid navigation menu

In order to make the navigation more intuitive and more flowing the menu has been modified. You can now access the different AcySMS pages in one click.
At the bottom of the menu you will see your AcySMS area which contains your AcySMS details. In this area you will see your current version and a button to check if you need to update your current version.



The configuration page has been simplified too. Especially the "SMS configuration" page allowing you to select in one click one or several extensions with which AcySMS will work.





One-click tags system

The tag system will give you the possibility to insert user information in your message quickly and easily. Using the tag system you will have the possibility to make your SMS more personal and increase the user satisfaction. As you can see on the screenshots below the tags are now grouped by category:

  • E-commerce
  • Event management
  • Community management