You have a lot of fans on your Facebook page and you want to take this opportunity to propose them to subscribe to your newsletters?
Here is a quick tutorial to integrate your AcyMailing subscription module directly on your Facebook page.



1) Log in to your administrator account

In order to make modifications to your Facebook page, make sure to be logged in with the main administrator account.





2) Install an application allowing you to add tabs on your page

You need to add a tab where you will be able to add html content. We advise you to install this app : "Static HTML: iframe tabs"





3) Display your AcyMailing subscription module

First of all, give a name to your new tab ("Newsletter" for example).
The AcyMailing module will be displayed in an iframe. For that, just insert the following code in the "html" field :

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<iframe src="https://www.YOURWEBSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_acymailing&ctrl=sub&task=display&tmpl=component&formid=YOUR_MODULE_ID" height="YOUR_HEIGHT" frameborder="0" width="100%" ></iframe>

Don't forget to replace your website url, your module id and the iframe height with the right values. * Your website needs to be in "https".

Thanks to the tab "style.css", you can personalize your subscription form.

Last step : click on the button "Save & Publish" then on the button "Done editing", and preview the result on your page!



Personalized your subscription module espacially for your Facebook page


1) You choose to display your existing sign-up form, the way it is on your website.

Insert the ID of your module inside the iframe. You will find this ID on your back-end in : Extensions / Modules manager / select type : acymailing module / your newsletter module should be displayed in the list : its ID is on the right.



2) You choose to display a new sign-up form, specially designed for your Facebook page.

Your sign-up form is fine on your website but you want a different layout on Facebook, so you need to create a new subscription module on your back-end.

For that, go in the same section than previously (Extensions / Modules manager) and create a new module type "AcyMailing Module". Publish it but don't assign it to any page of your website, so that it won't be visible for your website's visitors. Edit the module and modify its layout thanks to all the display options (horizontal, vertical, slide effect, with or without intro-text, with or without button... etc).





4) See the result on your Facebook page!

To see the result, you will be redirected to a "visitor mode". You will see the new tab as your fans will see it.