AcyMailing Roadmap

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Website : Forum

Website : Feature Request Page

Website : New Changelog design

Design Improvements

Automation improvements


Acyba website improvements

WordCamp Europe

New documentation

AcyMailing blog

AcyMailing core improvements

Emoji support

Template Edition : preview

Automation : New integrations

Editor improvements


Integrations: AcyMailing lists added on the site registration and profile forms

Integrations: AcyMailing user synchronisation with other extensions

User history on edition page

New options system for the editor

Automatic translations installation upon install / update


Editor improvements

UX improvements

AcyMailing Blog creation


Bloc content dynamically replaced (Editor)

Front-end Management

Editor toolbar (Preview / Undo / Do / Additional information)

Bloc parameters column (Editor)

Campaign creation UX improvements

Notification center


Front end user and list management

List cleaning tool

Automation's system refactoring