AcyMailing Roadmap

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Joomla Day Paris

Migration Script Improvements

WooCommerce Integration (Editor)

Automation Workflow: Second phase

AcyMailing API

WooCommerce Integration (Automations)

Module setting improvements

Template import

Custom field export

Custom field import

Internal plugin system

Front-end archive

New PHPMailer version and DKIM system


Statistics : Click map

User synchronisation

WordPress posts / pages integration

Editor improvements

Admin notifications

Joomla and WP Integrations improvements


Website : Forum

Website : Feature Request Page

Website : New Changelog design

Design Improvements

Automation improvements


Acyba website improvements

WordCamp Europe

New documentation

AcyMailing blog

AcyMailing core improvements

Emoji support

Template Edition : preview

Automation : New integrations

Editor improvements


Automation Workflows : Third Phase

List cleaning tool

Integrations: AcyMailing lists added into other extensions' subscription forms

Integrations: AcyMailing user synchronisation with other extensions

Access List Management


More info coming soon 😈