? AcyMailing Component Connector ?

Since a long time ago, we had startet the attached request to you team.
Specially you Support Member Alexandre did replyed it as an: Amazing Idea

I would have asked again for the feature in detail:

We are a Team of German Developers and we write custom component and implement acymailing for pushing any mail to acy for running huge mailing functions and everything over it. In order to be able to realize this cleanly, we did written a class (see GitHub), to push notifications into acyMailing queue.

These is really awesone, because we can now track stats for mailing from any our custom component mails functions. For these we did also implemented an acymailing list check, so we can check for OptIn or OptOut. The only Problem ist, that these takes a small acyMailing core hack, and I think, these would be really awesome to get these also into acyMailing Core.

I did passed my feature to some German Joomla User Groups, like Munich and our own in Landshut.

And the idea was also enthusiastic for other component developers. Because mailing is a very difficult topic and it would be very cool and easy to connect your own component to AcyMailing

So the feature Idea would be an API or a global method to push mails from any component into acymailing.

These is just an example, how the feature function could be called:

Feature Request from 2018


See attached our class at GitHub

The Request was from last year. So, meanwhile we did got a lot of response of German developers also from our Partner from Inida who are really interested in theat feature and meanwhile we had also a lot of projects who use the class.

But now: The Problem
In AcyMailing6 the old _mail table for costomizing mails bevore to the queue was completly removed.

We got also an issue of there

So, why That?

These makes it even more difficult!

And the feature request seems to be ignored completly in AcyM 6.

Also running notifications from Joomla in AcyMailing is lost.
And also adding attachements hab been removed.

So I appologice strongly, please check and test our class with the old acymailign and you will see the hughe things it could bring to you extension!!!

Maybe we could help... ?

If you are interested, we could also try to implement it into acyM Core.

Many Thanks,

Best regards,
Florian Häusler
HR-IT-Solutions GmbH