Tags for mail-to and mail-cc fields in distribution lists

it would be a major step for distribution lists, if these tags would be work:

- {mail:from} containing the sender

- {mail:to} containing all recipients of the mail-to header field

- {mail:cc} containing all recipients of the mail-cc header field


I want to use them in mail body, to let the recipints of the distribution list see, to whom the mail was sended by the sender. 

The mails should be look like a forwarded message, e.g.:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Date: 4. Aug. 2019 um 16:42 Uhr
Subject: <Mail subject>
To: <>, HelloUser <>
CC: <>

And the tags evaluate to: 

{mail:from} = FROMUSER <>

{mail:to} = <>, HelloUser <>

{mail:cc}  = <>

Thank you for supporting this requested and implementing it!