Mass-Actions on one Page (Automation)

The mass-action-page is maybe the page of Acymailing I spent the most time on: Manually adjusting filters, looking for the (first 20) users, defining actions, executing the actions, adjusting a different action, execute it again, change the filter, check it, execute it ... and save it when neccecary.

It was a smooth process. All was on one page, easy to change, to execute and to manipulate again. But with the new three steps it is a pain. Always navigating through all three steps just for little changes. It would be nice to get the "one-page-mass-actions" back.

Maybe you could use it as an "expert view". I totally understand the new design is much easier for new users. But as said, for a user fluent in AcyMailing it is just a pain to navigate through this much steps on different pages. I would love to see an option to get back to the "one page mass actions" and to have the chance to see the "first 20 users", so execute this manually, to adjust it, to execute it again ... and all on the same page, without a "next"-button.

Could you please bring the one-page-mass-actions back?