Deeper Connection between AcyMailing and AcySMS

I love AcyMailing, it´s Stable, Feature-Rich, easy to use, great support. So I didn´t hesitate to install AcySMS and buy some credits.

But ... there is like a "break" between AcyMailing and AcySMS. I don´t want to have a different Software to create different campaigns, my goal is not to have a new software to sent out SMS, I would much more prefer to use AcyMailing to ALSO sent out SMS. I simply want to be able to use AcyMailint to sent out an SMS instead of an eMail.

I would like to have a combined Campaign, that sents out some mails and for example after two mails are sent out and not reaction came in it could request if the customer is still interested with a short SMS.  Or, automatically 2 months after signing up to my newsletter trigger an SMS for a special offer. Stuff like that.

Sending out an SMS should not be a different process in a different Software. An SMS should be organizable like another follow-up-mailing in a campaign. Not a standalone software, much more like a new feature inside of AcyMailing.

If I want to sent out some SMS, I want to go to my AcyMailing-Dashboard, create a new "newsletter", switch to "SMS" by an option and write the SMS instead of the newsletter. But all inside of AcyMailing. With the same lists and filters and data and processes as all of my other eMails.

This would be so nice. 

All the best, Julian!