New Statistical Concept for best time to sent an eMail

In the moment the statistics only show, which time of the day the most eMails are opened. Unfortunatelly, this doesn´t help much if you don´t consider which time you have sent out the eMails. When my newsletter is sent out in the night, I will always have the best open-rates in the morning, even if noon could be a better placement. 


To get a better information about when users really have ATTENTION for the eMails I would consider a new value for the statistics:

Time-Lag between "sent" and "opened".

This is the most usefull data: If a user opens an eMail instantly, you can be sure you did choose the right time. If a user needs 5 hours to open an email ... you could consider to sent the eMail out 5 hours later the next time. By focussing on the "time-lag" between "sent" and "opened" you have a really usefull data about when a user should revieve your eMail.

And the next step would bring the whole send-out-process to another level:

Calculate the individual best sending-time

The calculation of the "best-sendig-time" based on the lag between "sent" and "openend" can easily calculated for every single user. And then the newsletter can be scheduled to be sent out at the time-frame that is the best time-frame for the user. 

I will try to make an example:

When user A needs only 5 Minutes to open an eMail after being sent o ut, but 20 minutes after noon and 2 days on the weekend, this would mean the user is regularily on the PC in the morning, not so much after noon and he doesn´t even turn the PC on at the weekend. So ideally I want to sent him my newsletter in the morning and definitely not on the weekend.

So when I sent my newsletter out, I schedule it to "in the next week" and AcyMailing automatically pics the best time for this one user in the given time-frame of the newsletter.

This would be great! And it would be a unique feature of Acymailing.

All the best, Julian!