The main difficulty when you send SMS is to not to waste credits due to the number of used characters. Indeed, if the message body is longer than 160 characters, it will cost more than one credit.

Most of the time, when you include a link in your message body, it will take a big part of these 160 characters. That's why we have developed the shortened URLs feature, which makes your link significantly shorter. 

To use this option, you have to get a key of the API service of Google and fill it in AcySMS configuration page. This documentation will show you how to generate one and use it.

Generate an API key

First we have to generate an API key to use the Google API.

  • Go to the Google Developer Console
  • Log in with your Google account or sign up
  • Click on "URL Shortener API" in the "Other popular APIs" section

  • Click on the "Enable" button

  • When the API is enabled, click on "Credentials" on the left menu
  • Click on the "Create credentials" button and select "API key" and "Server key"

  • Select a name for your API key, for exemple : "AcySMS Shortened URLs key" and leave the "IP address" field empty
  • On the popup that appears, copy the API key


Configure AcySMS

Now we will see how to configure AcySMS to enable the shortened URLs feature.

  • Go to the configuration on AcySMS ("SMS Configuration")
  • In the "Miscellaneous" section
    • Switch on the "Use shortened URLs" option
    • Paste your API key in the field bellow

  • Save your configuration

 Now create your message and the URL will be automatically change into a shorter one.