Using AcySMS you will be able to allow your users to create SMS from the front-end. Once the front-end management enabled from the back-end your users will be able to create, edit, preview, test and send messages from the front-end. Your allowed users will even be able to see global statistics from the front-end.

The front-end message creation, edition, preview and test are the same steps as in the back-end however you will have to take a look at the filter access configuration.


In this documentation we will take a look at :

Frequently asked questions

How to allow the front-end management

The activation of the front-end management is pretty simple. You only have to go to the AcySMS configuration page, click on the "interface" tab and then set Yes to the "Allow front end management" option.


How to allow users to use filters

Once the front end management enabled, you will have to define the filter access for your users. This will give you the possibility to select which filters your users will be able to use.
In order to enable this feature you should follow these steps
  • Select the Joomla group you would like to give the access to
  • Select the type of the filter (Joomla groups, AcySMS groups, AcyMailing lists etc)
  • Select the details of the filters (For example allow users to filter the receiver based on the Joomla group "Administrator" and "Editor" but not the others. The user won't be able to filter users based on the other groups
  • Save the configuration


Here is an example of allowing users to filter by Joomla groups ("Administrator" and "Editor") and AcySMS group "Acyba Team"



The required filters

Now all the filters selected in the configuration will be displayed on the SMS preview page.

If you want to make sure your users to select a filter you will have the possibility to force them to select at least one of the selected one.
Here is an example :
Here your users will be able to filter based on the AcySMS group and the Joomla groups "Administrator" and "Editor". However if you don't define any required filters your users will be able to send SMS to all receivers. That's why we added the required filters.


Frequently asked questions

What's the direct link to create SMS on the front end  ?

You should create a new Joomla menu and select the type AcySMS: create Message.