Sometimes you will need to send SMS to only some users instead of an entire group. Using the conversation you can select specific receivers and send them personal messages.


See the full conversation with users


There are two ways to select the receivers you want to send the messages to :

  • Select them in the user listing

Once your users are selected the conversation will be loaded automatically. 


Here you can see both messages and answers displayed.
The message "Hi this is a test" was sent by the administrator of the website. Under the message you can see the name of the user(s) which have received it.
On the left you will see the messages sent by the receivers. The date and the name of the receiver will be displayed.

Example of a conversation with more than one receiver :



Send a new message to these users


If you want to send a new message to the users selected previously you will only have to :

  • Select the sender profile you want to use
  • Type the message
  • Click on the send button

The conversation will be refreshed automatically including your new message.