Most of the e-commerce websites are fully integrated with different ways to send notifications to their users. However most of these notifications are not read and they don't bring your website a real advantage over the other ones. We wanted to integrate AcySMS with Redshop to give our users the possibility to use the most efficient communication way to contact and inform their customers. With a reading rate higher than 95% the SMS is the most powerful way to contact your client for sending them discount, news and many other informations.
Using this integration you will be able to


Send a message containing the user firstname

This example will show you how to add user informations in your SMS. This will allow you to create only one SMS and send it to all your users without changing their informations manually.

  • Once AcySMS installed and configured, access the menu "messages"
  • Click on the "new" button to create a new SMS
  • Enter a subject (it won't be visible for your users, it's just a way to easily find back the message)
  • Select a category (this is not mandatory... it's only if you want to group your SMS)
  • Select your sender profile (you can select the "test" one if you only want to test it without any SMS being sent... you will see them in the queue or in the stats to follow the whole process)
  • Enter your message using tags to personalize it... For example:

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Hi {redshopuser:firstname},
Thanks for having purchased one of our products !
- - - ACYBA TEAM - - -



So that the client may receive his own personalized message:

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Hi Adrien,
Thanks for having purchased one of our products !
- - - ACYBA TEAM - - -



 Send a message to users which have purchased "RedEvent"

This example will show you how to add filters on your receiver selection. In this example you will find how to select the users which have already bought a camera and send them a message.
You can follow the same tutorial to apply different filters on the order status (select users which have an order with a specific status, select users which have already bought a product from a specific category...)
  • Once your SMS created click on the preview button.
  • On the preview screen, select the integration you want to use (if not displayed that means that the default integration is selected)
  • Select the "One time only" message and choose when you want to send it
  • Click on the "RedShop order" filter
  • Select the product you want to filter users with by clicking on the small "pen". (here the product is a "RedEvent")
  • Click on the send button and you're done.
  • This message will be inserted in the AcySMS queue automatically and will be sent in the next 15 minutes. AcySMS will display a link to send it immediately