The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to quickly set up a SMS notification based on a date. This SMS will be sent to your client to give him some informations on a specific date.

  • Once AcySMS installed and configured, access the menu "messages"
  • Click on the "new" button to create a new SMS
  • Enter a subject (it won't be visible for your users, it's just a way to easily find back the message)
  • Select a category (this is not mandatory... it's only if you want to group your SMS)
  • Select your sender profile (you can select the "test" one if you only want to test it without any SMS being sent... you will see them in the queue or in the stats to follow the whole process)
  • Enter your message ( you can also use tags to personalize it )... For example:

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Hey {acysms:user_firstname} !
It's a specific day for you so we send you this message.
 - - - ACYBA TEAM - - -

So that the client may receive his own personalized message:

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Hey Alexandre !
It's a specific day for you so we send you this message.
 - - - ACYBA TEAM - - -


  • Click on the "Preview / Send" button
  • On the preview screen, select your integration
  • The message is an automatic SMS, sent based on a date
  • Define when you want to send the message
  • Select the table where the date field is
  • Select the date field

  • Save the preview screen... and you're done!
  • This message will be inserted in the AcySMS queue one day before it's sent ...(See example) and it will be then sent automatically with the cron task so make sure your cron task works fine!
  • Example : If the date is June 15th, the message will be sent on June 13rd and it will be inserted on June 12nd