When AcySMS receives an answer via SMS, it can automatically execute an action.

By default AcySMS will install the action to unsubscribe the user if the message contains the word "STOP" but you can modify this action, delete it, create new actions...


Manage your actions

When AcySMS receives an answer via SMS, all published actions will be loaded and the first one which matches will be executed on the message.

Only one action (the first one matching the condition) will be executed.


Create a new action

Click on the button "new" to create a new action.

  • Name : Give your action a name... it's just there to easily identify it on the actions' listing
  • Description : You can give it a description or add some information why you created it
  • Trigger the action when : The action will be only executed if the content of the answer matches your criteria.
    You can either enter a regular expression or AcySMS can also check the content based on a word (be careful, the action will be executed only if the message contains ONLY that word and nothing else)
  • Trigger the actions : The selected actions will be triggered if and only if the previous condition matches the message.
    You can forward the received SMS via email, delete the SMS from AcySMS, block the user, subscribe him...