SMS Configuration


Receiver information

AcySMS can be used as a standalone solution or use the user management system from another component.

You will see here a list of possible integrations (based on the components installed on your own website) and AcySMS will propose you to select the phone field for each integration.

If you don't want to use AcySMS with one of your other components, simply select the option "Do not use this integration".

Default Values

  • Default country for your SMS : During the import or when entering new contacts, AcySMS can automatically convert your local phone number into an international one.
    You should select here your country so AcySMS will use it by default when necessary.


Queue processing


To handle automatic actions, AcySMS has to be triggered regularly by an external system.

You can click on the "Create/Edit your Cron task" button to easily create a cron on the Acyba server but you can also create a cron on your own server.

Your cron url is displayed just below that button.




You will find on the Plugins tabs all plugins related to AcySMS.

Plugins are use for our filtering system, auto SMS system and to include information in your SMS via tags.

You can publish/unpublish some plugins depending on your needs.



The languages tab enables you to edit all strings from the AcySMS component.

Click on the edit icon to edit one of your language file, you can either modify existing strings and share your translation (so it will be included in our next release) or add your own translations in the Custom Translations area.

Strings added to the Custom Translations area won't be overwritten when you update AcySMS.