This plugin enables you to include in your Newsletter or any other e-mail a subscription link such as the "Unsubscribe" link, the "Modify your subscription" link or the "Confirm your subscription" link. We highly recommend you to add at least the Unsubscribe link in all your Newsletters.

In addition to those links, you can also insert information about the current subscription list and the current newsletter.




Click on one of the three links available and you will see the link selected and the input box at the top of the window should now display the default value for this link.

You can modify this text and then click on the button "Insert the tag" on the top of the window.

The tag will be inserted at the cursor's place in your WYSIWYG area. You can copy/paste the generated tag in your Text area if you want to.

If you send (or preview) your Newsletter, this tag will be replaced by a link enabling each of your subscribers to either confirm their subscription (you should only use this tag for the confirmation e-mail... but that can be useful if you want to reconfirm a list of users), modify their subscription or unsubscribe from the current Mailing List.

You can customize the text of the unsubscribe/modify/confirm links and optionally attach those links to a specific AcyMailing menu.

You can also link the unsubscribe/modify/confirm page to a public menu. In case of the modify your subscription link, if you assign it to a menu of this type, then you can set specific configuration for it such as the displayed lists.


Plugin Subscription



Manage subscription parameters

  • Dispaly the unsubscribe page: Choose if you want to display your site's Front-end template + menus on the unsubscription page or not
  • Add list-unsubscribe header: Should AcyMailing add the unsubscribe link for list-unsubscribe?
  • List-unsubscribe e-mail: the list-unsubscribe e-mail
  • Display the modify your subscription: Choose if you want to display your site's Front-end template + menus on the "modify your subscription" page or not
  • Display the confirmation page: Choose if you want to display your site's Front-end template + menus on the "modify your subscription" page or not
  • Display filter: Choose if you want to activate the filters in the "filters" part of the newsletter edition page
  • Front-end Access: You can restrict the access to this plugin on the Front-end using this option