AcyMailing Change log

    • AcyMailing 6.5.0

      November 5, 2019

      New features

      • JoomlaWordPressNew add-on system to power up your AcyMailing
      • JoomlaWordPressNew add-on to export users in the automations
      • JoomlaWordPressNew add-on for RSS feed integration in campaigns
      • JoomlaNew add-on for jDownloads file insertion in the campaigns
      • JoomlaNew add-on to filter users based on JEvents event attendees
      • JoomlaNew add-on to filter users based on Joomla Contacts categories
      • JoomlaNew Community Builder type plugin to add AcyMailing lists on CB user registration/edition page
      • JoomlaNew Joomla plugin to add AcyMailing as a dashboard quick icon
      • JoomlaWordPressYou can now send a test directly from the email's edition page


      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the list edition page and reduce steps number
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the templates listing and edition page
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the filters on the statistics page
      • JoomlaWordPressSave the "source" from where the users have been created
      • JoomlaWordPressNew display options available for the archive menu/widget
      • JoomlaWordPressThe internal notifications are not added if they already exist
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle the case where the site owner doesn't have the right to see all the server's databases in the custom fields edition page

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressThe date custom fields now have all 31 days
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen inserting a dynamic content (a site article for example) in a campaign, clicking on the scrollbar for the options zone was closing the options
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed an issue when filtering users in the automations based on date custom fields
      • JoomlaFixed a display conflict with the default Joomla template in the campaigns archive
      • WordPressThe front messages are now correctly displayed when clicking on the confirmation link
    • AcyMailing 6.4.0

      October 14, 2019

      New features

      • JoomlaWordPressNew automatic campaign option: automatically generate and send a campaign every week for example
      • JoomlaWordPressNew birthday trigger in the automations, to automatically send an email X days before the birthday (or any other action)
      • JoomlaWordPressThe sent campaigns can now be edited and resent from their summary page
      • JoomlaWordPressOn the users listing you can now search in the custom fields with the search field


      • JoomlaWordPressOutlook special handling: background-images and paddings are now handled for this mail client
      • JoomlaWordPressFirefox compatibility for the size of inputs in some options of our editor
      • JoomlaWordPressThe font size options are now the same in the text edition box and the zone edition box in the editor
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen filtering the campaigns (or users) by status then deleting all the elements, you are now redirected to the non-filtered listing
      • JoomlaWordPressThe search is now case insensitive in the selection areas (the "Subscribers" step when editing a list for example)
      • JoomlaWordPressMore translations for French, German (Austria), Romanian, Russian and Spanish

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressIE11 compatibility in the campaigns archive: the preview popup can now be closed
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "Title" option is now correctly taken into account when inserting Joomla articles and WooCommerce products
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "Send a test" option in the campaigns now correctly autocompletes when typing an email address
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen inserting multiple images in the same zone, some of them couldn't be resized. This is now fixed
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen resizing a zone in the editor, its border wasn't following the resized zone
      • JoomlaWordPressThe attachments of a duplicated campaign can now be removed
      • JoomlaThe Joomla text filter was removing some content from the saved campaigns, we now prevent it from happening
      • JoomlaWhen uploading a new image in the image insertion tool in our editor, the first time of a session would display the Joomla menus in the popup
      • WordPressOn a WP multisite website using sub-directories, the internal URLs inserted in the editor weren't using the sub-directory
      • WordPressThe posts insertion feature now ignores internal messages displayed by other plugins
    • AcyMailing 6.3.1

      September 25, 2019

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressFix an error selecting too many users when subscribing users to a list from the list's edition page
      • JoomlaWordPressFix the example text in the user import page
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed an error on the bounce handling listing when saving a new rule
      • JoomlaWordPressCorrectly list the templates in the "From" popup when creating a template
    • AcyMailing 6.3.0

      September 23, 2019

      New features

      • JoomlaWordPressNew default templates
      • JoomlaWordPressNew notification center for internal messages
      • JoomlaWordPressDynamic content inserted in your emails (like the site articles) are now previewed in the drag & drop editor


      • JoomlaWordPressNew design and new actions for the header toolbar of the drag & Drop Editor
      • JoomlaWordPressNew design for the email preview in AcyMailing drag & drop editor
      • JoomlaWordPressImages settings are now on the right menu in the drag & drop editor
      • JoomlaWordPressNew header design on AcyMailing pages
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the campaigns edition page and new default content in the editor

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressCorrectly display icons on the date picker
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed a timezone issue in the automation's "Every day" trigger
      • JoomlaWordPressCompatibility with aeSecure
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed profile edition form showing all lists when the option is set to none
    • AcyMailing 6.2.2

      August 30, 2019

      This is a patch release to address a security issue on the file upload custom field. We highly recommend to update to the v6.2.2 as soon as possible for websites matching all of the following conditions:

      • The Enterprise edition of AcyMailing is used
      • The version 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 is used
      • A "File" custom field is created and visible for the users in a front-end subscription form (the module on Joomla or the widget on WordPress)
      • An other custom field other than a "File" field must be displayed on the form, in addition to the "Name", "Email" and "File" fields

      If your website doesn't match one of these conditions it is not concerned by the security issue, but we still recommend you to keep AcyMailing updated when a new version is available.

    • AcyMailing 5.10.10

      August 28, 2019

      Improvements and bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressAllow regex validation for the email field
      • JoomlaWordPressGeolocation improvement: Handle hexadecimal IP addresses
      • JoomlaWordPressDistribution lists with POP3 connection: Handle specific Outlook encoding
      • JoomlaWordPressDistribution lists with POP3 connection: Don't modify the attachments names
      • JoomlaWordPressDistribution lists: Handle the list owner tags
      • JoomlaWordPressDistribution lists: Handle specific charset declarations
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the click map statistics: the preview bubbles are now correctly displayed
      • JoomlaWordPressPHP 5.3 compatibility fix
    • AcyMailing 6.2.1

      August 27, 2019

      Improvements and bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressVarious optimizations to reduce the package size
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded back the closing cross when inserting a dynamic text ("view it online" link or "Hello [name]" for example)
      • JoomlaAdded a backwards compatibility if you created an override for the subscription form
      • JoomlaWordPressThe custom fields are now correctly saved on all the front-end subscription forms
      • JoomlaWordPressThe previous/next month icons are now correctly displayed in the date pickers
      • JoomlaWordPressMore Greek and Romanian translations
    • AcyMailing 6.2.0

      August 20, 2019

      New features and improvements

      • JoomlaWordPressNew step by step guide when installing AcyMailing for the first time
      • JoomlaWordPressNew option in the editor to specify the id of a container
      • WordPressIntegration with the WordPress translation system
      • WordPressBetter summary text for filters on site user groups in the automations
      • JoomlaWordPressInternal translation tools improvements

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressFixed a display issue on the editor when using Firefox
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed a border issue on Outlook
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the conditions and targets steps when reloading already saved automations
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed a date display issue on the automation's summary step for the list's subscription date filter
      • JoomlaWordPressIn the editor, the container's options are listed on the right when selected. When changing the background color the container was un-selected
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "File" custom fields now correctly upload the submitted files when using the subscription form or profile form
    • AcyMailing 6.1.10

      August 5, 2019

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressThe captcha option is now correctly applied to the profile menu / widget and skipped in the direct subscription links
      • JoomlaWordPressThe schedule date for campaigns can now be modified when the campaign is a draft
      • WordPressFixed the coupon expiry date in the WooCommerce integration
      • WordPressFixed the review footer from online version and widgets, it wasn't supposed to be displayed there
      • WordPressAdded more security checks
    • AcyMailing 5.10.9

      July 31, 2019


      • JoomlaWordPressHandle attachments in distribution lists when using a "POP3 (without imap extension)" connection
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle the lists related tags (like {list:name}) in the emails forwarded with the distribution lists
      • JoomlaWordPressUse HTTPS URLs for the share links
      • JoomlaWordPressFull cleaning for the si-SI translation

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaDownload the correct version of AcyMailing from the left menu
      • WordPressPrevent WP from proposing the update to AcyMailing 6
    • AcyMailing 6.1.9

      July 30, 2019

      New features

      • JoomlaWordPressA new history section has been added to the user's edition page
      • JoomlaWordPressIn the editor, the "Button" content type can now be aligned left / right and its size can be adjusted
      • JoomlaWordPressNew integration with the site's registration form: you can display lists there so users could choose to subscribe to your newsletters
      • WordPressThe same integration is now available for the WooCommerce checkout form
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen installing / updating, the translations are now automatically installed for the languages used on the website


      • JoomlaWordPressGreatly improved the editor's options system and general look
      • WordPressA better logo is displayed on the left menu for AcyMailing, integrated with the WP's coloring system
      • JoomlaWordPressOn the templates listing page, the filters are now displayed even if no templates are displayed
      • JoomlaWordPressThe CSS class "hideonline" is now handled, if you need to hide an element of your newsletter only on the "view it online" version
      • JoomlaWordPressSeveral code improvements and optimizations
      • JoomlaWordPressFull Turkish translation, improvements in French, Italian and English translations

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressThe dynamic texts are now replaced on the archive listing
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen creating an HTML template, the "Start from" wasn't working correctly when selecting an existing template
      • WordPressThe language files and custom translations are now kept when updating, starting from the v6.1.9
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen editing an existing automation, some fields loading values dynamically were missing their value (ecommerce extensions products for example)
    • AcyMailing 6.1.8

      July 15, 2019

      There aren't much modifications in this version, but it had to be released as the "Send settings" step of the campaigns edition workflow could be blocked in some cases when scheduling the campaign, saving as draft then returning on this step.


      • JoomlaWordPressPreparations for registration form integration
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter messaging system on dashboard
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle multilingual on displayed schedule dates
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed date fields display in the automations when using dynamic dates
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the {list:name} short code when using it in welcome and unsubscribe emails
      • JoomlaWordPressTranslations: fr-FR and it-IT improvements
    • AcyMailing 6.1.7

      July 8, 2019


      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the version checker’s layout and responsiveness
      • JoomlaWordPressNew hint messages to help you setup the automated features
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter workflow when sending a campaign with the free version
      • JoomlaWordPressAcyMailing now allows cron systems from your own server for installations with a valid license
      • JoomlaWordPressThe email content is now saved when clicking the "Apply" button on the drag&drop editor’s edition page
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved automations ease of use
      • JoomlaWordPressNew option to empty the queue in the automations, and on the queue listing
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the "Add an email in the queue" action in the automations
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved security
      • WordPressPages are now available in the subscription form’s terms and conditions option
      • WordPressImproved the newsletters archive view (the "View it online" link or the archive widget)
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle campaign auto-save for newly created campaigns
      • JoomlaWordPressNew full translation for the nl-BE language

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the responsiveness of drag&drop emails for Gmail
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the user import’s "listname" column
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "View it online" link now works correctly in templates


      • JoomlaNew PayPlans integration in the automations (filter on plans subscription)
      • JoomlaNew VirtueMart integration in the automations (trigger on purchase, filters on VM groups / fields and purchased products/placed orders)
      • JoomlaNew HikaShop integration in the automations (trigger on order status modification)
      • JoomlaIntegrated JEvents to the automations (a trigger on event start) and allowed event insertion based on dynamic dates
      • JoomlaIntegrated EventBooking to the automations (a trigger on event start) and allowed event insertion based on dynamic dates
    • AcyMailing 6.1.6

      June 18, 2019

      This version is mainly an improvements and maintenance release, mainly focusing on the editor and sent emails.


      • JoomlaWordPressAdded Safari and Internet Explorer compatibility for Google icons used in the extension
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved timezone handling
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter thumbnail generation for templates (images and dynamic text tags visible)
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen editing an email from the automations, the editor used is based on the edited email
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded the emojis handling in the name, preview line and body of emails
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle Image centering for Outlook
      • JoomlaWordPressPreview text line hiding for Outlook
      • JoomlaWordPressIt is now easier to drop a zone at the bottom of a drag&drop email
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter display and action buttons on templates listing
      • JoomlaWordPressTranslation improvements/completion: de-DE, en-US, es-ES, hu-HU, it-IT, ru-RU, uk-UA

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the global background image and handle image insertion cancelling
      • JoomlaWordPressThe click map statistics page now shows all the tracked clicks
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed duplicated email preview line
      • JoomlaWordPressEmails created from the automations page now correctly show the custom stylesheet, settings and "reply to" name / email
      • JoomlaWordPressAnchors are now correctly handled on the "View it online" links
      • JoomlaWordPressWhen deleting a template just after saving an other one, the saved template was duplicated
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "Send settings" step in campaigns is now displayed correctly when editing a paused campaign
      • JoomlaWordPressReturn lines are now available when entering custom stylesheets and custom headers on a template
      • JoomlaWordPressThe action buttons are now correctly available after cancelling a video insertion in the drag&drop editor
    • AcyMailing 5.10.8

      June 18, 2019


      • JoomlaWordPressRemoved the Google+ share option
      • JoomlaWordPressApplied the access level feature on the top menu for WordPress and Joomla 4
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter display for the documentation zone when closing it
      • JoomlaWordPressUpdated translations: de-DE, it-IT, ru-RU, uk-UA

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the conditional display based on radio custom fields
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the "Header" tab in templates when using HTML tags in the value
      • WordPressFixed internal redirections (when accessing the user import/export page for example)
      • JoomlaWordPressThe "From name" value in distribution lists could also contain the email address for emails sent from some specific mailboxes


      • JoomlaFixed the timezone handling for Joomla custom fields in user and article insertion
      • JoomlaThe Joomla custom fields are now ordered correctly when inserting an article
      • JoomlaImproved the VirtueMart 3 compatibility on product insertion
      • JoomlaHandle sub-categories for the VirtueMart order filter
      • JoomlaBetter HikaShop email override
      • JoomlaHandle multi-categories for EasyBlog content insertion
      • JoomlaShow only published events in the EventBooking tag insertion popup
      • JoomlaAdded {sobitag:link} in the SobiPro integration
    • AcyMailing 6.1.5

      June 3, 2019


      • JoomlaWordPressAdded the possibility to define a preview line on emails, a text visible on the mailbox listing next to the subject
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded the multi-campaign duplication option
      • JoomlaWordPressNew option for small screens: display smaller listings, buttons and fields to have more information visible


      • JoomlaWordPressAdded a « Choose mail » option when adding an email in the queue in automations
      • JoomlaWordPressSave IP and confirmation date, for GDPR compliance
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the ctrl+z handling in the editor when editing a text zone
      • JoomlaWordPressPossibility to edit a queued campaign when paused
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle emojis in the subject line (no emoji picker)
      • JoomlaWordPressPHP 5.4 compatibility
      • JoomlaWordPressGlobally improved the display for mobile devices
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the campaign edition page display
      • WordPressNew featured image option when inserting posts or pages in a campaign
      • WordPressBetter translation performance
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter message system on front-end (after clicking the confirmation link for example)
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the subscription form
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the attachments popup display when editing a campaign
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle unconfirmed users in the queue system
      • JoomlaWordPressBetter color picker fields in the d&d editor
      • JoomlaWordPressMore translations cs-CZ, de-CH, de-DE, es-ES, it-IT, nl-NL, pt-BR, ru-RU

      Bug fixes

      • JoomlaWordPressRemoved Google+ from the follow options
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle the « view it online » link when the current user isn’t in AcyMailing
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed initial bounce rule installation for the « Blocked my recipient » rule
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the wrong editor pick when editing a template
      • JoomlaFixed menu translation for some languages
      • JoomlaInsert articles in emails based on publishing dates
      • JoomlaFixed searching field when inserting articles in a campaign
    • AcyMailing 6.1.4

      April 23, 2019


      • JoomlaWordPressNew option to synchronize site users with AcyMailing users (creation/deletion)
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded the click map feature in the statistics
      • JoomlaWordPressNew option to specify headers of sent emails in templates
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded admin notifications in the automation as examples (on user creation / modification)
      • JoomlaWordPressThe social media pictures can now be modified
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded an auto-save to the editor, so if you don't save, you'll be able to load back the modifications you've made
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded ctrl+z/ctrl+y (cmd+z/cmd+maj+z for mac) on the editor to undo/redo block changes
      • JoomlaNew dynamic joomla article integration in the editor
      • JoomlaAdded HikaShop integration in the automations
      • JoomlaNew Event Booking integration in editor and automations
      • JoomlaNew JEvents integration in editor
      • JoomlaAdded Community Builder integration in the automations


      • JoomlaWordPressShow all emails in the queue page, not only the campaigns
      • JoomlaImproved the Community Builder integration in the editor
      • JoomlaImproved the HikaShop integration in the editor
      • JoomlaWordPressThe custom fields options are now translated (select / radio / checkbox custom fields)
      • JoomlaWordPressAcyMailing doesn't use the foundation for emails library anymore in emails not using the editor
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the AcyMailing header on small screens
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded a message 1 minute before the session expires when editing an email, to remind users to save their work
      • JoomlaWordPressImproved the "Send the cron report to" option
      • JoomlaWordPressAdded the confirmed status on users listing when the double opt-in is active
      • JoomlaWordPressSimplified custom plugins creation and updated example plugin in the developer documentation
      • JoomlaWordPressAlso improved all the existing integration plugins for both Joomla and WordPress
      • JoomlaWordPressImprove the users listing on mobile when subscribed to a lot of lists
      • JoomlaWordPressHandle mailto and anchors links in the campaigns link checker
      • JoomlaWordPressTranslation improvements: de-CH, es-ES

      Bug fixes

      • WordPressFixed translation file download for some languages
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed the automation conditions page and secured some other listing pages
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed date fields in the automations when using multiple times the same filter / condition
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed an error on the custom fields migration
      • JoomlaWordPressCentered the spinner when loading the content insertion options in the editor
      • JoomlaWordPressFixed error on user import from database
      • JoomlaWordPressCorrectly hide the automation features in starter and essential versions, and generate lighter installation packages
      • JoomlaWordPressCorrectly close the popup when cancelling content insertion in the editor
      • JoomlaWordPressNow display the correct minutes for scheduled campaigns summary
      • JoomlaWordPressShow the correct upgrade link for the cron task feature on starter version
    • AcyMailing 6.1.3

      April 2, 2019
    • AcyMailing 5.10.7

      March 25, 2019
    • AcyMailing 5.10.6

      March 18, 2019
    • AcyMailing 6.1.2

      March 11, 2019
    • AcyMailing 6.1.1

      February 13, 2019
    • AcyMailing 6.0.4

      February 6, 2019
    • AcyMailing 5.10.5

      January 10, 2019
    • AcyMailing 6.0.3

      January 9, 2019
    • AcyMailing 6.0.2

      December 17, 2018
    • AcyMailing 6.0.1

      November 28, 2018
    • AcyMailing 6 Beta

      November 19, 2018
    • AcyMailing 6 Alpha 3

      October 2, 2018
    • AcyMailing 6 Alpha 2

      August 29, 2018
    • AcyMailing 6 Alpha 1

      August 22, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.10.4

      August 20, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.10.3

      July 26, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.10.2

      June 25, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.10.1

      May 26, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.10.0

      May 16, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.6

      March 26, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.5

      March 21, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.4

      March 14, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.3

      March 13, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.2

      January 28, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.9.1

      January 02, 2018
    • AcyMailing 5.8.1

      September 26, 2017
    • AcyMailing 5.8.0

      July 17, 2017
    • AcyMailing 5.7.0

      March 13, 2017
    • AcyMailing 5.6.1

      December 28, 2016
    • AcyMailing 5.6.0

      November 22, 2016
    • AcyMailing 5.5.0

      June 01, 2016
    • AcyMailing 5.2.0

      February 04, 2016
    • AcyMailing 5.1.0

      December 10, 2015
    • AcyMailing 5.0.1

      October 28, 2015
    • AcyMailing 5.0.0

      October 14, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.9.4

      July 09, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.9.3

      April 30, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.9.2

      March 17, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.9.1

      March 13, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.9.0

      February 11, 2015
    • AcyMailing 4.8.1

      October 27, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.8.0

      September 18, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.7.2

      July 15, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.7.1

      June 30, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.7.0

      June 19, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.6.2

      March 27, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.6.0

      February 26, 2014
    • AcyMailing 4.5.1

      December 23, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.5.0

      December 3, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.4.1

      September 27, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.4.0

      September 19, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.3.4

      July 29, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.3.3

      July 22, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.3.0

      June 06, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.2.0

      March 17, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.1.0

      February 2, 2013
    • AcyMailing 4.0.1

      December 18, 2012
    • AcyMailing 4.0.0

      November 03, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.9.0

      September 11, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.8.0

      July 05, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.7.0

      May 28, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.6.0

      March 3, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.5.0

      January 6, 2012
    • AcyMailing 3.0.0

      September 17, 2011
    • AcyMailing 2.0.0

      June 28, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.9.0

      May 23, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.8.4

      March 24, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.8.2

      March 6, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.8.0

      February 25, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.7.2

      January 21, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.7.0

      January 3, 2011
    • AcyMailing 1.6.0

      November 26, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.5.2

      September 25, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.5.0

      August 11, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.4.1

      June 30, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.4.0

      June 27, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.3.0

      May 18, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.2.2

      April 3, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.2.0

      March 8, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.1.3

      January 31, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.1.2

      January 15, 2010
    • AcyMailing 1.1.1

      December 6, 2009
    • AcyMailing 1.1.0

      November 15, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.7

      November 12, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.6

      November 7, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.5

      November 1, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.4

      October 30, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.3

      October 25, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.2

      October 21, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.1

      October 16, 2009
    • JooMailing 1.0.0

      October 9, 2009