AcyMailing 6 (Beta version) is out and that's the latest version before the stable one!

First of all, that's a beta version so please install it on test website only



We know that you guys are waiting for the new AcyMailing version and we're glad to say that we had a lot of amazing feedback about the Alpha one!  ?

As promised, we're now launching the Beta version which is the last one before the stable version.







By the way, we have some information for you about changes on the pricing model. So please make sure to read the last section of this article.

What are the features included into the beta version (compared to the alpha one) ? 

  • Test tab during the sending process
    • Your email is analysed and we provide you with some advices to make sure your email will be delivered
  • Double Opt-in
  • Migration script (Migrate all the information from your 5.9 version to your AcyMailing 6 instance)
  • Language files / Translation system
  • Welcome and Unsubscribe emails
  • Template creation from a HTML structure
  • Add custom CSS in the new AcyMailing editor
  • Attachments
  • Joomla menu / WordPress widget to let users edit their profile
  • Custom fields

New amazing integrations are coming

Well that was one of the most important things we wanted to point out. AcyMailing 6 is a brand new product which will include some amazing features.
For example, we plan to include integrations with services like :
  • Lists cleaning tools (so that you will have lists with real users and no bounces)
  • Litmus
  • Zapier
  • Marketing Automation processes
  • and many more .. 


So what is going to change regarding the pricing model?

Most of our users asked us to bring a payment method which would be more flexible. As we're investing a lot in the constant AcyMailing evolution and in order to keep our support level we needed to do some changes. Like most of the companies (and because most of our users have asked for it) we will provide a monthly payment system with a coupon if you subscribe for one year. So, basically you'll be able to :
  • Pay monthly and stop whenever you want
  • Subscribe for one year at a discounted price (20%)

Final prices are coming soon and be sure that we won't change them drastically ;-)

What about the renewal price?

The other change is that we will stop the renewal price.

Since the very first days the renewal price contained a discount and we think you can understand that it's time for us to change this in order to keep the constant evolution of our product.


I've a license which is still valid, do I need to worry about it ?

Not at all ! Most users reading this article have a valid license.

Don't worry, they will still be valid and you'll be able to download and use AcyMailing 6.

Special Advice from us

This new pricing model won't be applied before the beginning of 2019. So you're still able to renew your license and take the most of the discounted price to extend it for one year ;-)