We released AcyMailing 6 early to let users take a look at it and send us feedbacks. As both the v5 and the v6 are available, the main changelog will show v5 releases and this page will show the v6 releases.


Features available in the downloadable version:


April 23, 2019 - v6.1.4

New features

  • New option to synchronize site users with AcyMailing users (creation/deletion)
  • Added the click map feature in the statistics
  • New option to specify headers of sent emails in templates
  • Added admin notifications in the automation as examples (on user creation / modification)
  • The social media pictures can now be modified
  • Added an auto-save to the editor, so if you don't save, you'll be able to load back the modifications you've made
  • Added ctrl+z/ctrl+y (cmd+z/cmd+maj+z for mac) on the editor to undo/redo block changes
  • New dynamic joomla article integration in the editor
  • Added HikaShop integration in the automations (Joomla)
  • New Event Booking integration in editor and automations (Joomla)
  • New JEvents integration in editor (Joomla)
  • Added Community Builder integration in the automations (Joomla)


  • Show all emails in the queue page, not only the campaigns
  • Improved the Community Builder integration in the editor (Joomla)
  • Improved the HikaShop integration in the editor (Joomla)
  • The custom fields options are now translated (select / radio / checkbox custom fields)
  • AcyMailing doesn't use the foundation for emails library anymore in emails not using the editor
  • Improved the AcyMailing header on small screens
  • Added a message 1 minute before the session expires when editing an email, to remind users to save their work
  • Improved the "Send the cron report to" option
  • Added the confirmed status on users listing when the double opt-in is active
  • Simplified custom plugins creation and updated example plugin in the developer documentation
  • Also improved all the existing integration plugins for both Joomla and WordPress
  • Improve the users listing on mobile when subscribed to a lot of lists
  • Handle mailto and anchors links in the campaigns link checker
  • Translation improvements: de-CH, es-ES

Bug fix

  • Fixed translation file download for some languages in WordPress
  • Fixed the automation conditions page and secured some other listing pages
  • Fixed date fields in the automations when using multiple times the same filter / condition
  • Fixed an error on the custom fields migration
  • Centered the spinner when loading the content insertion options in the editor
  • Fixed error on user import from database
  • Correctly hide the automation features in starter and essential versions, and generate lighter installation packages
  • Correctly close the popup when cancelling content insertion in the editor
  • Now display the correct minutes for scheduled campaigns summary
  • Show the correct upgrade link for the cron task feature on starter version


April 2, 2019 - v6.1.3

New features

  • Updated PHPMailer to its latest version (the main sending script used in AcyMailing)
  • Added "conditions" step in automations
  • WooCommerce automation integration
  • New dynamic and customizable post and page insertion feature in the editor
  • "Add an email in the queue" action in automations
  • New developer documentation


  • Improved the drag&drop editor
  • Design and UX improvements on multiple pages
  • Improved the security in various places
  • Subscription form’s configuration improved
  • Auto-recognize Acy users when they have a site account
  • Increased the spam-test checker maximum delay for long campaigns / slow servers
  • Better message when trying to unsubscribe from an email not linked to any subscription list
  • AcyMailing now handles the email addresses containing a "+" sign when sending a test
  • Handle wrong formats in date custom fields
  • You can now duplicate multiple campaigns at once
  • The Unsubscribe link is now handled in the Welcome emails
  • Improved the "Custom text" custom fields’ display
  • The subject is now displayed instead of the campaign name in the archive menu / widget
  • More translations for the de-DE and fr-FR language files

Bug fix

  • Fixed error on v5 custom fields migration and birthday fields
  • Imported templates are now selectable on every template listings
  • Fixed the preview page for Safari users
  • The default picture is now displayed correctly when the thumbnail of a template isn’t available
  • Fixed custom fields ordering system
  • The DKIM system is now correctly working when using 1024bits keys
  • Fixed campaigns listing when migrated emails without statistics
  • The "View it online" link now works on any type of email
  • Correctly handle the "Wait for confirmation" status when migrating v5 users


March 11, 2019 - v6.1.2

New features

  • WooCommerce integration in our editor (WP)
  • Custom fields user values export and import
  • Custom fields migration
  • Added a campaign archive system for the front-end
  • Added new options for the subscription form (and GDPR compliancy)
  • Template import system
  • Added a button in the configuration to redo the v5 data migration


  • Handle required fields when having multiple subscription forms on the same page
  • Improved the v5 migration script
  • Handle disabled rules in bounce handling
  • Handle the "Enter" key for front-end subscription form
  • Improve custom fields display on subscription form

Bug fix

  • Fixed HikaShop products links in sent emails
  • Check updates based on the right timer
  • Fixed welcome email sent when not needed
  • Fixed queue page's pagination
  • Languages: de-DE, el-GR, fr-FR, ru-RU


February 13, 2019 - v6.1.1

  • Added the first phase of the automation feature
  • Added a list selection popup to subscribe users imported from database
  • Added a "New" button for welcome/unsubscribe email creation in the list edition page
  • Improved some listings for mobile devices
  • Avoid tracking opens and clicks for test emails
  • Correctly identify the user when using a direct unsubscribe link when reCaptcha is enabled
  • Take the "Required" option into account for the Name field
  • Fixed Outlook display when using multi-column zones or inserting buttons
  • Fixed the "authorized content" option when the related custom field is empty
  • Fixed disabled options in checkbox, radio and dropdown custom fields
  • Block the WordPress auto-update process for AcyMailing when the site is unknown
  • More translations for da-DK, de-DE, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, pl-PL, pt-BR and tr-TR
  • Add the beginning of the el-GR and sk-SK translations


February 6, 2019 - v6.0.4

  • Fixed scheduled campaigns sent even when having the draft status
  • Improved form system in modals (language edition, attachments, dynamic texts…) for WordPress
  • IE11 compatibility with the subscription form
  • Joomla 3.4 compatibility for the image insertion in the editor
  • Improved sending speed when SEF is enabled for Joomla


January 9, 2019 - v6.0.3

  • Added the bounce handling feature
  • Added a version checker in the AcyMailing header bar
  • Added the ability to add custom CSS style to templates when using the CMS editor
  • Added list selection popup when importing the CMS users
  • Improved welcome / unsubscribe emails system
  • Improved images display on campaign preview and summary
  • Save the thumbnails and attachments in the WordPress media folder in the WP version (as WordPress deletes the folder of the previous plugin version on update)
  • Improved sent emails structure
  • Use translation keys as the title for the « name » and « email » fields, so they are translated on the subscription form
  • Prevent anyone from changing the type of the name and email fields
  • Improved user data export feature
  • The last tab selection is remembered (on the configuration or statistics page for example)
  • Improved the code to make it compatible with PHP 7.3
  • The « Send a test » feature is now available in all AcyMailing versions, as it should be
  • Fixed button display in Outlook
  • Fixed the captcha on horizontal/vertical version of the module/widget
  • Added missing translations in dynamic texts and templates
  • Fixed the auto-update process for WordPress that was installing the Starter version over the Enterprise version (the fix will be active for the next update :/)
  • Fixed sending date value when scheduling a campaign while having a non-English version of AcyMailing
  • Scheduled campaigns are now correctly added to the statistics
  • Fixed « date » custom fields and added a default value for the format
  • Fixed BCC email feature
  • Added nl-NL and sv-SE translations
  • Completed de-DE and fr-FR translations
  • Partially added cs-CZ, it-IT, pl-PL translations


December 17, 2018 - v6.0.2

  • Subject field is now always required when creating welcome/unsubscribe emails
  • Prevent Chrome from displaying XSS checker on campaign save
  • Fixed Radio button and required custom fields on subscription form
  • Handle multilingual linecharts in statistics page
  • Fix compatibility issue with another plugin on campaign/template save (WordPress)
  • Handle subscription module override (Joomla)
  • Better subscription confirmation message
  • Fixed typos in translation files
  • Preparations on translation for right to left languages
  • Words are not cut anymore at the end of lines in the drag&drop editor
  • Use the correct media folder for file upload by default (WordPress)
  • Increase maximum file size on user import by file
  • Improve popup when sending a test from campaign edition page


November 28, 2018 - v6.0.1

  • Fixed ajax calls in WordPress
  • Hide dashes around zones in the drag&drop editor
  • Much better "Send a test" report on campaign's "test" tab
  • Fixed default value in configuration when it hasn't been saved yet
  • Fixed user's subscription import (when having a "listids" or "listnames" column in the imported file)
  • Added multiple language files, thank you for sharing them it helped us a lot! ;)
  • The options and descriptions are now correctly translated in the Joomla subscription module
  • Improved the v5 to v6 migration script and excluded some configuration options
  • Template thumbnails are now correctly generated
  • We now use the core WordPress method to get file contents on the WP version
  • Greately improved performances for the database table dedicated to the Tags feature
  • Translate the AcyMailing name in the Joomla global extension's ACL page
  • The email field is now always required


November 19, 2018 - v6.0.0

  • Starter and Essential packages
  • More specific code for Outlook (links and images improvements)
  • WordPress Plugin Directory page
  • Auto-update tools for Joomla and WordPress, and compatibility with previous versions


October 02, 2018

  • Joomla 4 fixes (Queue page, campaign save, redirections and specific design modifications)
  • CSS customization in templates and campaigns
  • Ability to use CMS editor
  • Confirmation email (double opt-in)
  • Welcome and unsubscribe emails are now sent
  • Language management
  • "Test" step in campaign workflow to send a test and use the spam checker
  • Data migration option from Acy v5 to Acy v6
  • Custom fields feature
  • Edge browser improvements and fixes
  • Ability to add attachments
  • User subscription management on Front-end (menu in Joomla, widget in WordPress)
  • Fix buttons for Outlook


August 29, 2018

  • Replacement of internal development tools
  • Improve the way JavaScript is loaded
  • Prevent zones from expanding in the editor
  • Better display for Joomla system messages on back-end
  • Cleaner report message when sending a test from the configuration (and added this report on WP)
  • Fixed duplicated message when an error occurs on email sending
  • Better notification message after submitting the subscription module/widget


August 24, 2018

  • Fixed issue in the drag&drop editor when inserting tables (in inserted articles for example)
  • Fixed database compatibility with Joomla 4
  • Default thumbnail of templates are now correctly displayed
  • English translations are displayed when using a non-translated language


August 23, 2018

  • Compatibility with MySQL 5.6 and older versions (install issue)
  • Various minor modifications based on the feedbacks we got with the first alpha


August 22, 2018

For the first version we included all the basic features like:

  • The List, User, Template and Campaign (newsletter) management
  • The dynamic texts (tag insertion)
  • The statistics
  • The cron task system to send the scheduled campaigns
  • And the send process of course ;)