AcyMailing 6 (alpha version) is out guys, test it and let us know your thoughts!



 As we've said in our previous email, we will soon release a new AcyMailing version.
This new version will be called AcyMailing 6 (Original isn't it?) and will be out in the last 2018 trimester.



But before releasing it we wanted to give our already existing users a preview of this new baby. 

You are the only ones who can test it so keep it secret and enjoy! ? 


By the way, AcyMailing 6 will be only available if you own a valid license !




 Some points before starting with the new version

  • This package is an ALPHA version of AcyMailing 6

    Alpha is the first stage of the release timeline. 
    So basically here is the plan until the official release : 

    1. Alpha version
    2. Pre-beta version 
    3. Beta version 
    4. Stable Version

  • This version isn't compatible with the previous one yet

    When you'll install this version, this won't automatically load the previous data stored in your database.
    The new version contains database modifications/improvements and the migration script is still in the making.
    So please install AcyMailing 6 on a test website only
  • The package doesn't contain all the AcyMailing features

    As you will see we have worked hard to improve the way you use AcyMailing. We wanted to make it more simple to use and more user-friendly. We didn't have enough time to include the whole list of existing features in it but don't worry, every currently existing feature will be present in the stable version.

  • Yes, you'll probably find some bugs. That's the main objective. 

    The idea of releasing an alpha version is to count on the AcyMailing community to continuously help our team to improve our product.
    All the main decisions taken here are brought by your advices / remarks and feature requests.
    So here, we would like to share this version with you to collect feedbacks and bug reports so that we can fix them as soon as possible ?

    Any feedback ? Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.