What to expect from us in the future?


Well guys.. it's been a while since the last news about our projects, right?
Don't say anything, we already know your answer ! ;-)

So that's why we are taking some time to write this article which contains all the exciting news we got for you.

Less talk, more action! Here are all the new things we would like to share with you.
(Spoiler alert : The more interesting one is at the end so be sure to read everything !)

1. New website design

Planned release date : October 2018

You may have seen it but our website begins to look a little bit old isn't it?
Well it's time to make it look fresh and more user friendly.
For this new version we focused on the user experience and we wanted to make it way more simple and pleasant to use.

We couldn't wait to share the incredible work our designers did so here is a teaser.

If you're used to browsing on our website on a regular basis then don't worry.
All the information will be kept.
We will simply change the interfaces and we're sure you'll be super happy with the new ones.


2. Forum will be back

Release date : First 2019 trimester

Last year we decided to shut down the forum and some of you didn't agree with this idea.

The main reason was that posts were mainly replied by our support team. Unfortunately there were not any interactions between our users.
So we decided to stop it in order to focus on our ticket system (to use a unique support platform) and provide our paid users with a high quality support.

Problem was that our free users didn't have any way to get help and some of them started to feel frustrated.
That's going to be an old story!

In the first trimester of next year our forum will be back with a new interface.
Furthermore, we will create a reward system to thank people who take some time to help the other ones. We hope it will encourage you to share your experience and make our community grow thanks to you!


3. "Acyba Ambassadors"

Release date : First 2019 trimester

As our main goal for 2019 is to make our community grow we will definitely need some help to do it. You probably know that there are Joomla and Wordpress events all around the world and we can't attend each ones.

That's why we are thinking about creating a kind of certification program.
The idea is to find people who can attend these events as "official" Acyba members/ambassadors.


4. AcyMailing V6 is on its way and it is an amazing new version!

Planned release date : Beta version (July 2018)

Official version (Last 2018 trimester)

Here is the most important news we wanted to share with you:
We are currently working really hard on a new AcyMailing version.

This version will be a brand new one and will contain a lot of improvements! Here are some new features which will be included in it: 

  • Universal Version
    • One version for all of them!
      Yes you read correctly, AcyMailing will have a single version for your favorites CMS. You won't even have to chose!
      So you'll be able to install it on both Joomla & Wordpress.

  • New interfaces which will be way more simple to use
    • Our UX team did interviews with some of you to collect feedbacks and create new workflows which are going to be more user friendly.

  • A new drag & drop editor
    • You guys were waiting for this since a really long time and that's now a real thing.
      We are glad to include an incredible drag & drop editor in our next big version. We are sure you're gonna love it!

That's just the beginning of a new story with you ;-)


PS : We're definitely sure you would like to see some screenshots of the new editor so here are some gifts for you!

New editor AcyMailing