User Form Toolbar


This screen enables you to create a new user or modify an existing one. You can also see and modify the subscription of any user.

No notification e-mail (be it a welcome e-mail or an unsubscribe confirmation) will be sent to the user if you edit it from this page.



User Form Toolbar


  • Delete : The current user will be deleted. All the statistics and subscriptions related to this user will also be removed
  • Add subscription : Clicking this button will open a popup when you'll be able to select some lists to subscribe the current user
  • Save : Saves the current user and stays on the edition page
  • Save & exit : Saves the current user and returns to the users listing page


User Information

User Form Infos

  • Name : Name of the user.
  • Email : E-mail of the user.
  • Custom fields : If you created some custom fields, they will be displayed below the Email field
  • Active : This field shows you the status of the user. If you turn it off, the user won't receive messages from your website in the future.
  • Confirmed : If you require a confirmation, the user won't be confirmed until he clicks on the confirmation link received by e-mail. Nevertheless, if you do not require a confirmation, the user will stay as "not confirmed" but it has no impact on the send process.
  • Creation date : Created date of the user.



User Form Subscription


When creating or editing a user, you can subscribe or unsubscribe him from one or more lists by clicking the "Add subscription" button or the "Unsubscribe" link next to each list.
Some statistics are shown on each list based on opening rate and clicks in campaigns sent to this user and linked to the according lists.