Sending campaigns is the main point of using AcyMailing. With this documentation you will know all you need to know to create, send and manage your campaigns.
A campaign is an e-mail that AcyMailing will send to one or several mailing lists at a fixed date


This screen enables you to manage all your Newsletters.

Search and sort

  • Search Area : this text input allows you to search a campaign.
  • Tags : with this input you can display the campaign with a particular tag.
  • Sort by : this one allows you to sort your campaigns by id, name, sending date, creation date, draft, active, scheduled, sent.
  • Status : just below the Sort by the status display only the campaigns with the status selected.
  • Show sending process : this toggle display or don't display the actions avaible for the campaigns who are scheduled
    For example :

Column Headers

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After one or more boxes are checked, click on the delete button in order to delete the selected.
  • Campaigns : The name of the campaign and below when the campaign is sent the sending date.
  • Lists : All the lists which the campaign will be sent, if you hover them you will see the name of the list.
  • Status : The current status of the campaign there are 3 status Draft, scheduled, sent.
  • Open : The rate in percentage of the number of users who opened this campaign.
  • Click : The rate in percentage of the number of users who clicked on a link on this campaign.
  • ID : The id of the campaign.

Create a new Campaign

Choose your template

On this page you will have to choose the template you will use for this campaign.
You can search a template with the search input or display templates with a particular tag.
You can display your template or the library template with the switch My Template | Library in the top right corner.
Your are not forced to choose an existing template you can create a campaign with an empty template with the button Create empty template just below the switch My Template / Library

Edit Email

In this page you can modify the main information of your campaign.


  • Campaign name: The name of the campaign, only visible to you on listings
  • Tags: You can add tags to your campaign. The tags are here to help you find campaigns on the listing, for example you can have a tag marketing and a tag news.
  • Email subject: The subject of your mail, visible for recipients and visitors of the archive section if you created one
    If you click the {;} button a popup will appear, allowing you to insert a dynamic text in the subject of your campaign. For example, you can insert the name of each recipients dynamically by clicking the "Name" row under the "Subscriber" tab, then clicking the "Insert" button.
  • Email preview line: A short text displayed next to the subject of your emails in the recipient's inbox listing (only for some mailboxes, like Gmail)
  • Attachement: In this area you can select on or several attachment. Click on the button Select to add an attachment.
    It will open this popup with the list of the files you uploaded, click on a file to attach it to your campaign.

Edit template

If you click on the button Edit template it open the editor.
If you choose a template who was not created by our drag and drop editor then it will directly open the editor you choose.


In this page you will be able to select all the lists which this campaign will be sent.

  • Search : This input allows you to search a list, it's refreshing alone after you search something.
  • Show only selected lists : Show only the lists selected.
  • Below there is the listing of the lists.
  • Campaign will be sent to a total of : the number of the users who will receive this email.

Send Settings

In this page you can modify all the settings of your mail

Sender information

  • From name : The name who will appear on the mail client of the user
  • From email : The email who will appear on the mail client of the user
  • Reply-to name : The Reply-to name who will appear on the mail client of the user
  • Reply-to email : The Reply-to email who will appear on the mail client of the user
  • BCC : The campaign will also be sent to the email address you specify. Note that the BCC is added on every email so if you send the newsletter to 1500 users, your BCC address will get 1500 emails in its mailbox!

When do you want your email to be sent

If you select send Now this campaign will be sent just you confirm it.

If you want to scheduled the sending date of the campaign, click on the input. The date picker should show up and then select a date.


In this section you will be able to test your campaign in two different way : the content of your mail and your send method.

Safe check

  • Safe content : The safe content check if they are any words that could give you a bad spam score, it check more thant 300 words.
  • All links checked : This one check the links, if they are broken links to avoid you some issue.
  • SPAM score : This is an integration with mailtester, mailtester will run some test about your mail and his configuration like the from name, reply-to, the subject, the body etc. And at the end you have a score and some tips to improve your campaign.

Send Test

This section enables you to send your campaign to one or several users to see the if there are any issues on it.


On this last step you have nothing to do it's just un reminder of all the information that you have set. If you want to change something you just have to click on the edit icon on the right of the titles aof the sections.

  • Email : In this first area this are the information of the campaign, if you want to have a prview of the mail just click on the arrow or the button on the top right corner of the preview.
  • Attachment : The list of all the attachment you put on this campaign
  • Recipients : All lists which this campaign will be sent.
  • Send Settings : When this campaign will be sent.

Finally you have to option, if you click on Save as draft the campaign will be save and apper as draft in the listing, or if you click on Comfirm campaign, your campaign will be added to the queue.