If you use our free version, you will see a "Powered by AcyMailing" badge automatically added to the footer of emails sent by AcyMailing.


Powered by AcyMailing


If you upgrade to one of our paid versions, this "Powered by" will be automatically removed.


Why adding this logo at the bottom of your Newsletters?

We want to provide a solution for sending Newsletters to all users, to all budgets.
Joomla empowers thousands of websites for free and we think all Joomla extensions should have a free version as well.
At Acyba, we not only develop and maintain this free version but we also answer all questions on our forum... because if the user has a question, we consider the software has rooms for improvements.
So if you have any issue, a member of our team will help you regardless you are using our free version or a paid one.
We believe in this philosophy and we still want to provide a free version and continue to support it with the hours of support it takes to our team.
To help us maintain this high quality service for absolutely all our users you have two solutions :