Different ways to spread your news around the world with AcyMailing :

spread newsBecause sending a great newsletter to your contacts should just be the first step of your communication, AcyMailing helps you to spread the news to a lot more people thanks to different features including links towards the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

A good way to increase your visibility and your SEO but also a good opportunity to get to know your readers, interact with them and increase their number.





Add external links towards your own social pages

You have a nice Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest page or a good LinkedIn profile... Why not advertise them in your newsletter?

Add a link inside your newsletter to invite your users to visit your Social pages and grow up your community.

Nothing easier : in the newsletter edition, insert the picture you want (a nice little icon is good), then click on the "link" icon to add the link towards your personal pages.

That's it ! Don't forget these precious links :)






Use the "forward to a friend" option

Your receiver may want to forward your newsletter to a friend, give him the possibility to do it in one click!

He will receive a well-formed message with the newsletter and a specific message that you had added for him.

In the newsletter edition, click on the "tag" button, then in the "websites links" tab select : "Insert a forward link in your e-mail".





Enable your users to share your newsletter on their favourite social network

You can add specific links on your newsletter allowing your users to share your newsletter on their own social pages. Your newsletter will be published on their wall automatically. This is one of the best ways to touch new readers and be visible on different platforms.






Add a sign up form directly to your Facebook page

You have a great Facebook page with a lot of fans, why not invited them to subscribe to your newsletters directly on this FB page? Quick and easy they can subscribe to your mailing list without having to open your website.

To add the AcyMailing subscription module to your FB page, please check our tutorial.