Because this is the first thing your users will read, the subject of your newsletter is the most important thing!

Two goals:

  • Improve your open rate: seduce the user, incite him to click on your email and read the entire content.
  • Avoid the spam box: respect some basic rules and make sure your email won't be considered as a spam.


Here are some good practices :


  • SHORT: 50 characters maximum.
  • PERSONAL: Check your user's preferences to add user's information from his profile (his name, his town, his favourite sport team). Thanks to custom fields you can get many useful information about your subscribers.
  • ACCURATE: Timely, useful and localized information can help your users to understand what's on your mail. Be clear.
  • STRIKING: Ask a question, make a joke, be original... no boring subject!



  • LONG LONG... TOO LONG SUBJECT: Less is more! Go straight to the point in a few words.
  • COMMERCIAL LANGUAGE: Describe your content, don't sell it! People don't want to feel oppressed by your offers. Be subtle ;)
  • EXCLAMATION MARKS: [ *x#!/)(¤;!! ] Keep your energy for the content of your newsletter! Exclamation marks and upper-case titles are not efficient. Worst, some of them can degrade your spam score.
  • WORDS: Avoid the words: Help, Percent off, Reminder. A large majority of receivers are not interested in emails which contain these words in their topic.
  • BIG WORDS: To prevent from being labelled as a spamer, don't use rude language and black-listed words such as : pharmacy, free, viagra, millions, sex, offer, now only, buy now, amazing, credit...
    Three themes to avoid : "money, drugs and sex".
  • NUMBERS: Numbers are boring and most of the time they are assimilated to a trade offer.
  • REPETITION: Repetitive subjects will weary your users. Find inspiration in your content.