When your users create an account on a Joomla website, the first email they will receive from you is a plain text message with a link (which may not even appear as a link on some mailboxes).

There is only one chance to make a first impression, is it the one you want to make?


Default Joomla registration email


We don't! So let's improve this email!

You can change this message, personalize it, add more content to it, create a nice big confirmation button instead of that link by enabling our own Joomla confirmation email that will replace the Joomla one.


Custom Joomla registration email


You can customize the message the way you want, add your own header, footer, a list of your new articles... Well anything you want!


Then, you can add a button so your users will not even have to open your email to confirm their account!

The Google inbox actions enable you to do that with this configuration :

Mailbox action configuration

What's the point of making it beautiful if your user does not open it?
Well, it's not available for all mailboxes... it's a GMail feature only! ;)


Mailbox actions on the Joomla registration email


That's it, your users will now receive a great confirmation email and the confirmation process will be much easier (no broken link or whatever...).

I forgot to tell you... you will even get statistics about it!