If you use HikaShop, you can set up a reminder to automatically send a message to your users who didn't pay their order since 1 (or more...) days.

We use this system on our own website to make sure our clients didn't have payment issues... and of course to optimize our sells!

This feature requires AcyMailing Enterprise (for the automatic filters) and HikaShop Essential or Business (for the AcyMailing plugin).


Step 1 : Create an email in AcyMailing

 Access the Newsletters management to create your email.

You can insert personal data in this message, links...
We opted for a very basic message, with no HTML at all.

Don't forget to publish this email otherwise it will be added to the queue but it won't be sent.

Step 2 : Create a filter in AcyMailing

Once your message created, access the filters area of AcyMailing and create a new filter.

  • Select the filter HikaShop Reminder
  • Insert the delay you want (in our case, we want to send it one day after the order)
    If you see the delay in hours (that was the case in old versions of HikaShop), please enter 24 hours.
  • Add another filter Statistics to make sure the user didn't already receive it in the past (with the option "Not Sent" and select your message)
  • Add the action Add an email in the queue
  • And select the message you want to add in the queue


  • Then click on the save button and configure your filter to run automatically every day


That's it! Your users will automatically receive a message one day after they created their order but didn't pay for it.

Please make sure your cron task works to automatically trigger the filters.

If the user created another order, the previous order will be ignored by this plugin (we don't want to send a message to users who created and confirmed another order a few hours after...)