Since AcyMailing 4.3.3 you can record the user location with our Enterprise version...


Configure your geolocation account

Geoloc configuration

Access the AcyMailing configuration, tab "subscription" to access the Geolocation parameters.

By default none of the option will be selected so AcyMailing will not record the user location.

Most of our users will simply want to select the option "On user creation" to record the user location when he subscribes.

Click on the IpInfoDB API key link to be redirected to the IpInfoDB website and create an account there.

Once done, copy your API key in the option and click on the Test the geolocation link to make sure everything is working fine.

Once successfully tested, save your AcyMailing configuration page.

Access the geolocation on the user profile

If AcyMailing records location for your user, it will display a new tab on the user profile.

Click on the "geolocation" tab to visualize the user location.
You will also see a table with all location information.

Map on user profile

Filter your users based on their location

The main goal to record the user location is actually to use it!

You will see a new filter to select users based on their location.

Filter based on location


Enjoy the map on your dashboard

Dashboard map

If you turn ON the geolocation, AcyMailing will display a map on your AcyMailing dashboard of the latest 100 recorded users.


Add a tag in your newsletter


Geolocation tag

With the geolocation plugin enabled and configured, you are able to insert information related to your users' location in your newsletter. It means that you can for example add the subscriber's city in the email you send and give him a more personal experience.


Geolocation limitations


When you open an email in Google mail, pictures are first loaded from Google mail servers to add some security checks. This will change the URL of the pictures and the IP they are seen from. So email opened in Google mail will have a wrong geolocation as the IP used to open the newsletter will be the one of Google mail servers and not the one of the real receiver.


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