It's been a few years now we struggle with the Joomla editors to create Newsletters.

And I definitely don't blame them, they are optimized to create articles, content within Joomla.

Creating Newsletters is another deal, especially when you load a complex Newsletter-template, it can get quickly messy.

So we started to think about creating our own editor... to make your life and your clients' life easier. Here it is!

This new editor is included in AcyMailing since the 4.2.0 version.
We added new great options in this editor in our 4.9.0 version.
In order to enjoy all these features, don't forget to update !

A new way to create your newsletters

Instead of loading the whole Newsletter in an editor, we now display the entire Newsletter just like it will be sent and you can edit on the fly, text or pictures, but also modify the global layout, without having a chance to break the Newsletter-template structure.

Thanks to colourful icons you will be able to EDIT, DUPLICATE, MOVE or DELETE any area of your template.


Edit a text



Edit a picture


Duplicate an area


Move an area



Delete an area


 More options


You will have access to more options to personalize your newsletter with this button, for example modify the background of the selected row:



Add editable areas to your Newsletter-template

Access the templates listing in AcyMailing and edit your Newsletter-template.

You will see 4 buttons in the editor so you can add your areas where you want...

Put your cursor in your content and click on one of the areas button to attach an editable area to that part of the Newsletter.




AcyMailing can also do it for you... simply save your Newsletter-template and if there is no area already defined, AcyMailing will propose you to automatically add them.


Auto add areas


Enable the new editor

Since the 4.9.0 version of AcyMailing we enable the editor by default.

However, if you don't have the AcyMailing editor enable yet, access the AcyMailing configuration, click on the "interface" tab and change the editor option to "AcyMailing Editor".


Enable the AcyMailing editor

Enable the AcyMailing editor part2


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use another editor?

You don't like our own editor? No problem, you can still use another Joomla editor and you can switch to our editor at any time you want.

I enabled the AcyMailing editor but I don't see areas... I can edit the whole Newsletter like before, is it normal?

When we don't find defined areas in your content then we will load the whole Newsletter in the editor like before...
That will be the case for your old Newsletters for example.
To make sure upcoming Newsletters can be edited with the new areas, go on the Newsletter-template section to add areas to your template.

Can I manually add areas?

Here are some rules to properly add the area manually:

  • Deletable: you need to add a "acyeditor_delete" class on a tr (line) of a table or on a div. Adding a deletable area makes the delete, duplicate, change background colour and sort (only if you add a sortable area) buttons to be accessible.
  • Text area: you need to add a "acyeditor_text" class on a td (cell) of a table or on a div.
  • Picture area: you need to add a "acyeditor_picture" class on a td (cell) of a table or on a div.
  • Sortable: you need to add a "acyeditor_sortable" class on the tbody tag of a table. The button to sort will be displayed only if the lines of the table (tr tags) can be deleted and it will allow you to sort the lines of the table.
    You must not have a sortable table inside of another one or it won't work correctly.