Thanks to the AcyMailing tag system you can easily insert user's information in your newsletter such as his name or e-mail to personalize your message.

You can also extract user's information from other Joomla components such as an avatar from JomSocial for example. (take a look at our video!)


How to add the user's name

When you edit your newsletter, click on the "tag" button, select "subscriber" and choose "name".

The tag {subtag:name} appears in your content, it will be replaced by the name of each user when you send the message.

You can also put this tag in the subject of your newsletter !




How to add a random text

You can randomly add some text in the emails you send by adding {rand:text1;text2;text3}

For example, if you have several ways to say "hello" to your users, you could use this tag:

{rand:Hi;Hello;Hey;Howdy;Greetings} {subtag:name}!