The beta period is now closed, thanks for all who tested it and helped us to move forward in the Joomla 3 compatibility.

You should now simply download the latest version of Acymailing which is compatible with Joomla 3! Enjoy!

It's been a few days you are waiting for our Joomla 3.0 version and it's been a few weeks we are working on it!


What can you expect from this new version:

  • It will work on J1.5, J2.5 and J3, we invite you to test it on all Joomla versions!
  • It's a beta but it won't break your whole website... no worry, it can be installed and uninstalled, we made sure these steps are working fine already.
  • But still, it's a beta... which means you may find bugs and if so we invite you to report them on our forum.
    We created a section for that purpose (please make sure your issue has no been reported yet!)
  • It's still a beta! So don't start sending millions of e-mails with it! Or if you do, tell us it worked just fine! ;)


We will write here a quick change log so you can easily see if the bug you found is already detected and fixed.


Beta 2

Issues found

  • Popup does not close automatically when clicking on "apply" on the module configuration (fixed in beta 3)
  • jParameter is not found when creating a new menu type AcyMailing (fixed in beta 3)
  • Module slide effect not working (fixed in beta 3)


Beta 1

Issues found

  • Tag content does not work (fixed in beta 2)
  • inline css little editor does not displayed properly when editing the newsletter-template (fixed in beta 3)
  • Language files not all up to date (fixed in beta 2)
  • Fatal error when updating from Acy 3.9 on J2.5 (fixed in beta 2)

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