Andrea at developed an auto-login plugin for Joomla so users can be automatically logged in to your website if they access it with a special url.

Thanks to the AcyMailing tag system, you can include this kind of data in your Newsletters sent via AcyMailing so users can click on a link in their Newsletter and be automatically logged in to your website.


Set it up

The first thing to do is to download, install and enable the auto-login plugin.

The website is apparently not available anymore, we thus added their plugin on our download page.

In the Autologin plugin's options, you must set "Passwords are sent plaintext or encrypted" to "Encrypted"

Once done, you should modify some of your links in your Newsletter to include the extra parameters:

For example:{usertag:username|urlencode}&passw={usertag:password|urlencode}


Automatically add the auto-login feature when you insert content via our tag system

You may include content via our tag system to add Joomla articles.
AcyMailing can automatically add the auto-login extra parameters to the read more link if you add the word autologin to our tag.

For example: {autocontent:cat43|type:intro|autologin}

This extra parameter works with our Joomla content plugin and K2 plugin.


Add the auto-login feature on the cron task

Some tags used in newsletters may encounter access level restrictions (inserting Kunena posts when the category is only accessible to logged in users for example).
In this case, you can add the auto-login on the cron URL:

1/ Install the auto-login plugin and make sure the "Password" option is set to "Encrypted"
2/ Create a dummy Joomla user
3/ Create a newsletter containing "Username: {usertag:username|urlencode}, Encrypted password: {usertag:password|urlencode}", then send it to the dummy user
4/ Go in the AcyMailing configuration, tab "Queue process" and click on the "Create/Edit your cron task"
5/ Add the username and password you got in the email, as the following:$2y$10$rGpvdgehtxYEo/U4.XeTv.kr6Qqkndf5hg8HjGZ7XYUJILfVoRUra

Once done, the emails sent automatically using the cron task will have the autologin active.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's gonna happen to my non-registered users if I add this link?

You may handle registered users and non registered users in your mailing list.
This kind of auto-login system will only work with registered users.
Non-registered users will receive the same link but the tags will be replaced by an empty string: index.php?user=&passw=

The link won't be broken and will work properly but the user won't be automatically logged in.