What's a feedback loop (FBL)?


Unfortunately, some of your subscribers may click on the "this is a spam" button on their mail client instead of using your unsubscribe link.

That will negatively affect your reputation and if many users do the same action, your future messages may be redirected to the spam folder.

If you do not remove the user, next time he receives a message from you he may click on that "this is a spam" button again and affect one more time your reputation... so it's important to not send messages to that user any more.

But how to know who clicked on the "this is a spam" button?
Fortunately, some email service providers implemented a feedback loop system and they will send you an e-mail each time an user clicks on this "this is a spam" button.

Feedback Loop on Wikipedia

How does AcyMailing handle feedback loop messages?

We have a powerful bounce handling included in AcyMailing Enterprise...
That same system can handle feedback loops just perfectly, there is already a default rule for that so the only thing you have to do is to make sure feedback loop results will be delivered to your bounce back e-mail address.


How to configure my feedback loop?

The feedback loop can work only if you own a dedicated server with your own static IP.

You will have to register on different email service providers to receive the feedback loop report and make sure the feedback loop complaint is sent to your AcyMailing bounce e-mail address.

You can find more of them on the Wikipedia documentation but hereafter a list of providers we tested so we are sure they are working fine with Acy:


Email Service Provider Comments
Yahoo! Yahoo! requires you to sign your messages with DKIM (by AcyMailing or your own mail server)