Since AcyMailing 3.5.0, we included in AcyMailing Enterprise a way to load only a portion of your list before sending your Newsletter which means only a sub-part of your list will receive the Newsletter instead of the whole list.


What is it for?

You just created a 50% discount on a product and want to send a Newsletter to your users?
Well, you will obviously want to exclude from your campaign users who recently bought that product otherwise they may be very frustrated!

You want to send an e-mail to registered users who didn't log in on your website in the last two weeks?

You manage a community website and want to send an e-mail to users between 18 and 25 years old? And maybe only living in France?

Well, each time you want to exclude some users from your list or only select a subset of your list, this feature will be very useful!

You could already do that by creating a new list, then filter your users with criteria and mass subscribe them to that list and then send a Newsletter to that list... well now it's much easier! :)


How to select a subset of your list

Please remember that this feature is only available in AcyMailing Enterprise since version 3.5.0

When you create a Newsletter or a Smart-Newsletter, you will see below your standard list selection an area where you can add criteria.

Segment list

The added criteria will be added on top of the fact the user should be subscribed to at least one of the selected list.
So the first thing to do is still to select the lists you want the Newsletter to be sent to.
Once done, you can refine your user selection by adding criteria.

Hika filter


You can add as many conditions as you want but please remember that the selected users should be subscribed to at least one of your selected list AND match ALL of the criteria you added.
So don't add a criteria to select Male and another one to select Female otherwise AcyMailing won't find recipient.