What's a good Call to action?

What we want with an email marketing campaign is for our targets to open and to read our message, but don’t forget that the major objective is to convert your readers

In order to do so, having attractive content is not enough, readers must be encourage to take action by making the information easy to reach. Most of the time the Call To Action is represented by a colorful button with a writing that indicates where the reader has to click. As you probably understood, conversion is the most significant criteria to define the effectiveness of your campaign.


 Before inserting the perfect Call to Action in your newsletters thanks to AcyMailing,

here are 4 advices to make your "Call to Action" effective :



1 | Choose the right Words

The Call To Action (CTA) does not have to engage the reader too quickly if you want him to click. It should be a proposal not a behest.


Buy now / Shop nowinvites the reader to make a purchasing decision too early letting him time for thought. For the reader, it’s awkward to have to choose right away. He won’t click to access to the payment.   View details  :  invites the reader to find out more about what you offer him. By clicking, the reader doesn’t feel any pressure to buy because he knows that he will simply learn more about your product and want commit himself to buy.
Sign up   Get
Submit   Check Out
Give   Discover
Invest   Reveal
Donate / Sponsor / Support   Earn
Complete   View



2 | Select the better Place

call to actionWe often think that the reader will click on a CTA in the same way whatever its position. Well, think again, its place has a big impact on the click rate!

The first place is awarded to the CTA at the placed bottom of the email, because it obtains the better conversion rate.

A CTA must be contextualized in the email content. The reader will click almost always after reading - part or all - the email content, so it’s very appropriate to put a CTA at the end of the email, in the reading direction.



3 | Adopt an outstanding Design

call to actionThe CTA design is also a major asset to increase your conversion rate. It should not be overlooked that the buttons objective is to indicate the reader where to click, so it must be visible at a glance!

Do not hesitate to add a cursor on the button to make it more attractive and prefer colours that contrast with the whole email.



4 | Multiply and diversify your CTA

call to actionUsual practice is to include only one CTA in an email, but it’s perfectly conceivable to use several of them. Here you can see an example with 3 different CTA, placed in several different positions.


  • As said above, the CTA 3 obtains the better click rate: it is contextualized and situated at the bottom of the email and the words used attract the reader for an immediate non-bidding result (i.e. free & today).

  • The CTA 2 obtains an excellent score because it is placed next to the main content of the email and its design draws attention (it's a banner with picture and text). At the same time, it is less efficient because it is situated at the right therefore not fully in the reading direction.

  • Finally, the CTA 1 obtains a less efficient result because it is situated at the corner of the email and have a font size smaller than the rest of the text. Also, the words used do not add any real value to the reader, which do not encourage him to click.


The stricken point here is that by multiplying CTA in an email, you can affect and convert more readers because even if a CTA is less efficient than an other, their combination will encourage more readers to click!



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