This plugin enables you to generate and include in your Newsletter a personal VirtueMart Coupon Discount powered by AwoCoupon.

For each receiver, AcyMailing will first add a new coupon in AwoCoupon and then include it in your Newsletter.

Enter the options and click 'Create Tag' to generate a tag, then click 'insert tag' to insert the generated tag into your newsletter

Here is their plugin:




AwoCoupon FREE 1.0.9 or higher


AwoCoupon Pro 1.3.4 or higher





AWO Coupon

  • Coupon Code : This field indicates the code your visitor will have to enter to use the coupon on your shop.
    You can include coupon code tags which will be replaced during the send process : 
    • [name] : will be replaced by the name of your user
    • [key] : REQUIRED field, will be replaced by a randomly generated code of 6 characters
    • [subid] : will be replaced by the receiver's ID
    • [email] : will be replaced by the receiver's e-mail address
    • You can also add any string if you want... the coupon code "discountFor[name]-[key]" will be replaced by "dicountForJohn-Xa6s65" during the send process.
  • Coupon to Copy : This is the coupon created within AwoCoupon as a template that will be copied. The new coupon will hold all the properties of the template coupon, with the exception of overrides (optional fields).
  • Expiration : This field overrides the expiration of the template coupon. For example, if 30 days is entered, the coupon will expire 30 days from the time it was generated.
  • Make coupon exclusive to user : This field overrides the specific user field of the template coupon and restricts the coupon usage to the user it is being generated for.



There is no parameters for this AcyMailing Plugin.